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February 12th, 2006, 07:39 PM
Alrighty, I'm a writter. Not officially or anything, but i've been writting for as long as I can remember, poems, lyrics, stories, its my passion. Writting is my realease, its my escape from the real world. It calms me down and helps me live.

And lately i've been kinda of upset, and thinking about writting another story. So i'm going to. My book will be about the following:

The book will be about a little girl or boy(not sure yet) who will live more than likely in Medieval Scotland. S/he will be gifted with Magick, and taught by the elder of the town, who takes care of him/her while his/her parents are away.
The child will be part of a very rich family, whos parents are VERY strict, adn want the child to marry the prince/princess figure (maybe literal im not sure as of yet) and basically take over. And the child will NOT want this and will always go outside to the woods and the river behind his/her house. Then one day the child will pray to the god and the goddess for help, guidance, something to help her believe theres more to this world than the captivity of her life. And she will then meet a creature that will show her the world around her. Fairys, furies, mermaids, centaurs, sirens, banshees, and a WHOLE other world that what she has imagened and ever seen before. And i'm still deciding as to whether I shall turn her into a fairy for a day and make her choose if she wants to stay forever, or not.

I know its VERY vague and probably extreemly confusing, but what do you think?Any ideas about things it woudl be great!:boing: :cheers:

Happy Shrew
February 23rd, 2006, 09:02 PM
That actually sounds very sweet. :)

Have you considered doing this all in a coming-of-age context? Perhaps his/her time in this new fantastic world will teach some sort of lesson regarding responsibility. After all, being whisked off somewhere cool and never coming back tends to make things stagnate kinda quickly.

Or, alternatively, you could take a sort of Neverland approach where the main character will bring others in to shake off those shackles.

I'm also wondering how well the magic talents would meld with the mythical creatures. Is this high fantasy fireballs magic or more realistic magic? I would think the latter may work nicer, since it would give a nice contrast for when the creatures show up. Gandalf is never impressed when he sees a dragon, but the Wiccan down the street probably is. ;)

Do let us know how you proceed with this. I love helping people develop ideas...

March 2nd, 2006, 01:40 AM
You make some very good points adn raise some very good ideas... The magick would be mostly realistic, but there will have to be some fantasy for point of interest among reasers. Im not quite sure what you mean by...

Or, alternatively, you could take a sort of Neverland approach where the main character will bring others in to shake off those shackles.

Thankyou very much for your thoughts:D