View Full Version : Geramn Class?

March 5th, 2006, 11:16 PM
would anyone be interested in taking a German language class? I'm willing to teach, now I just need to know that there are people interested.:hahugh:

March 5th, 2006, 11:25 PM
wow, that was a really bad typo. i hope everyone realizes that it's intended to say "German Class"

March 6th, 2006, 01:49 AM
Hmm... I've been interested in learning German for a while now. When were you thinking of starting, assuming there's enough interest? I just have a lot on my plate right now and I'm not sure I have time to take on this as well.


Rae ShadowWolf
March 6th, 2006, 09:33 AM
I would be more than interested. :)

March 6th, 2006, 12:47 PM
i plan on putting up class sign-ups very soon, the class start date will be posted once i have at least 10 students. however, i will be accepting far more that simply ten.