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April 7th, 2006, 06:29 AM
Ok everyone as promised I'm setting up a thread here for the short story quarterly competition.

1. Word limit of no more than 8,000 words. (keep it short keep your readers interested)
2. There is no content rule other than to remind you all that this is a PG13 site and the age of your readers should be taken into consideration.
3. One story per person per quarter.
4. You have 3 months to submit a story here in this thread. So the competition will run from April through to the end of June.
5. Stories will go to poll at the begining of July. Anyone late submitting will be moved into the next months competition.

This is the other thread where we talked about structure for the competitions

Ok everyone the time is now. Get your stories in as soon as possible. I look forward to reading all your stories.:boing:

Infinite Grey
April 7th, 2006, 06:35 AM
No theme?



April 9th, 2006, 12:18 PM
No theme?



Nope it's free form honey write what you like so long as it is of pg13 content of course :D

Infinite Grey
April 9th, 2006, 12:20 PM
Nope it's free form honey write what you like so long as it is of pg13 content of course :D

Would I try and submit R+18 here? :hahugh:

April 9th, 2006, 07:14 PM
8000 words? That's...that's hardly a story at all! :awilly:

April 10th, 2006, 02:22 PM
Would I try and submit R+18 here? :hahugh:

You trying to look all inocent at me? *narows eyes and looks dubiously at Iggy* Some how that look doesn't wash I know you for the monkey you are little brother but by all means push the envolope :lol: just don't push it TOO far it might brake ;)

April 10th, 2006, 02:49 PM
8000 words? That's...that's hardly a story at all! :awilly:

Well you have to remember that some people are still on pay as you go dial up so long stories eat into the bank balance :D

April 10th, 2006, 03:23 PM
Well you have to remember that some people are still on pay as you go dial up so long stories eat into the bank balance :D

True, that. Well, 8000 will definitely give me a challenge. *rubs hands together gleefully*

April 25th, 2006, 10:21 PM
I might just enter one of my little stories I just need to edit it down a little :D I have tooooooooo many words right now :D

May 14th, 2006, 06:31 AM
dull dull no one wants to play

Infinite Grey
May 14th, 2006, 06:42 AM
me's gots a little busy lately... I'm nots the bests writer theres is...s

May 14th, 2006, 07:55 AM
sooooooooooooooo if you submit you never know you might win by default unless someone enters something soon LOL.

purple dragon
May 15th, 2006, 11:46 AM
it's not quite finished yet but i'll keep editing it as i go along...

Trisana's Journey

My name is Trisana; I lived in my mother’s castle Black Dawn along with my sister Sandrilene. When I say lived, I mean past tense, do not anymore. I ran away, but it wasn’t like I was given much of a choice – it was either leave or be evil. You see, my mother is in charge of a large group of very powerful witches and wizards. And not only that, they are all evil.
So about 2 days ago when I was practising attack techniques with my staff in the courtyard, I was summoned to the Upper Circle – my mother’s favourite haunt – where I was given the choice of either using my talents for evil being imprisoned. To me this was not much of a choice. During the one day I was given to choose my fate, I packed my belongings and provisions for a journey. My decision was to leave.
I had many reasons to leave, most of them I mentioned earlier. I may be the daughter of an evil queen, but that does not mean I wish to follow in her footsteps. My sister, on the other hand worships her. If it wasn’t for me she’d already be one of my mother’s tools. Just another thing to be used to make the world a darker place.
At dawn the following morning I left the castle on my mare Daja, my excuse being I was going out for an early morning hunt and I did not wish to disturb my parents. It being so early in the morning the guards had no choice but to let me go.
As soon as I was out of sight I urged Daja on, hoping to put a large distance between me and the castle before they realised I had gone. In some ways I felt sorry for the guards, knowing what punishment they would face for letting me out. But it had to be done; I will not be used for evil.
I managed to get as far as the Great Lake before we had to stop. I wanted to go further but I did not want Daja to die from exhaustion. After an hours rest for lunch and shooting practice, we moved on, but this time at a slightly gentler pace but always listening for the sound of the horn, or the howls of the hunting pack. I knew that once they found our trail, we would have to move with great speed to lose them.
My mother’s hunters are not dogs; they are wolves of a kind, mainly enemies that my mother has deemed to valuable to kill. They can smell their prey from about a mile away – hence my reasons for wanting to be a good distance away. They travel as a pack, which makes escape from them difficult. It is possible to outrun them, but only if you get a good head start.
As a fugitive I was unable to pass along the merchant and traders routes and therefore had to take the dangerous and less travelled route through the Bleak forest, across the Welden wastes. But unlike most, I had travelled this route before and knew what dangers lurked ahead. As I was still within a 30 mile radius of the castle, I was safe from the night life near the centre of the forest – but not for long. Anyway there was no way I could turn back, I had to press forward.
To keep myself occupied I made a mental list of what I had brought with me, and what I would have to buy at the nearest way station. Unfortunately there are not a great number of stations in the forest, and even less on the wastes. Something always makes them mysteriously disappear.
I decided to camp after I had travelled about 15 miles, in a small clearing near a river. This proved a good choice as there was some wild game nearby for me to hunt. I did not have that much time to pack for my journey, and I wanted to preserve my rations for when I entered the wastelands, there would be little for both of us to eat there. I settled down for the night, but always kept one ear open for things that lurk in the darkness.

May 15th, 2006, 04:28 PM
yeah a new entrance :) welcome PD good to see you entering something I wish you luck in this competition but unless someone else enters you're going to win by defalt.

I don't know you'd think people would jump at the chance to have one of their short stories published in the MW magazine :D

purple dragon
May 17th, 2006, 09:30 AM
yeah a new entrance :) welcome PD good to see you entering something I wish you luck in this competition but unless someone else enters you're going to win by defalt.

I don't know you'd think people would jump at the chance to have one of their short stories published in the MW magazine :D

i'm always happy to enter, i just needed to find something to write about.
i'd rather not win by default, i like competition.

i bet your jusy saying it will be in the magazine just to get others to write!!!

May 19th, 2006, 09:14 AM
nope the winner gets published thats the promise. I have spoken to Semicivilizedman on the matter and he has been in touch with the last winner and they will have their story published in the next available MW magazine and the same will happen with the winner of this competition also. Of course if you don't want it published you are welcome to decline the offer. Winning doesn't mean you have to have your story published just that it can be if you want :D

June 14th, 2006, 10:25 PM
Hey Bethra! *waving madly* :hugz: I think you understand why I've been away... *ahem* but is it still ok to post for the contest?

June 14th, 2006, 11:06 PM
Ok I checked the 1st post again, & it said thru June so I'm gonna risk it & post. This is a bit long but well worth it, trust me. Enjoy!

Henry Visits Carlos

Henry waddled his butt, shaking his tail. She hadn’t seen him yet: he could make a break for it if he was fast. And boy was he fast – faster than even his litter-mates, the slowest of whom could outrun squirrels. Humans were no contest. “Mindy”, the big humans called her, but the rabbits knew her as the Yellow-Haired Babbler. Henry had witnessed her cruelty first-hand. His littlest sister had been stuffed bodily into a tiny wire cage only moments after her eyes opened. Mindy warbled nonsense as she tore brothers and sisters away from their mother, squeezing and smothering. The truly unlucky were even forced into miniature versions of human dress.

So Henry had decided to get out while the getting was good.

The next time Mindy opened the wood-and-wire box caging the family, his waddling butt was ready. Off like a shot, he made it past her ankles and across the lawn – wonderful cool, green grass under his paws! – before he heard her screech in alarm. Henry smelled his brethren close behind; they must have taken advantage of his escape. Ecstatic for them, Henry pushed himself to his top speed, enjoying the wind in his grey fur.

He stopped only when the grass was no longer. He had smelled this foul black rock before, but hadn’t seen it spread out to this extent. It covered the grass and dirt, and was hot to the touch – too hot to cross. Never mind the roaring metal monsters that traveled the black rock day and night. Their smell was just as bad, and the noise was unbearable. So Henry turned and ran along the slightly less foul beige rock that marked the border of the grass, loping off into the grass when his paws became sore.

Before long though, even the grass betrayed him. The lawns became dead and tasteless, unlike Mindy’s. The usual animal scents were overwhelmed by nothing but DOG, and even the trees smelled diseased. The human warrens were odd enough to Henry – why would anybody locate their home above-ground by choice? The homes here, though, seemed to be worse off than Mindy’s. They smelled of things worse than dirt and were in a state of general disrepair. Slowing to a nervous jog, Henry ranged closer to the large warrens, hoping to find a friendly squirrel to talk to, or a gopher... at this point he’d welcome even a cat, so long as it didn’t try to eat him.

He approached a strange-smelling home colored in soft blues and whites. One of the roaring metal monsters sat in front of the building, but it was inert, and smelled cleaner than most. It was a dazzling-bright blue that reminded Henry of the sky on a clear day, and had shiny black feet. It seemed friendly enough, but was unwilling to reciprocate when Henry gave its foot a curious sniff. Shrugging, he turned and ran around the squat dwelling. In the back was the only green grass for miles. Henry settled down over a large patch of tasty clover for a snack, wiggling his tail happily.

Voices inside the home interrupted his meal. Henry’s nose sniffed the air briefly, searching for the best hidey-hole. He took off like a shot as the humans exited, but not before he glimpsed them pointing him out. Drat – now he had to hope they wouldn’t pursue him. All he needed now was to be captured by another Mindy.

Henry skidded to a stop under a dark green bush, nose quivering nervously. Peering out, he saw three or four humans gathered closely to each other. They were talking quietly and completely ignoring him. Henry relaxed a bit and glanced again at the clover patch. It had been so tasty, unlike anything he’d tasted in his short life. The humans had their backs to him. Henry’s eyes darted between the clover and the humans. Did he dare?

Keeping a close watch on the humans’ backs, Henry stuck a trembling paw out from under the bush. No reaction. He stuck his other paw out – nothing. He ventured out a few steps, and still nothing – the humans were huddled together. Emboldened, Henry jogged out a few more steps before looking up again. Still no movement from the humans. From his new angle, Henry could see that they were deep in conversation over some white bags. One of the light-skinned humans kept picking up one of the long, stiff bags and waving it at the others. They were smiling and laughing. Henry stared at them for a few moments longer before convincing himself that they were no threat. They were a good ten yards away, he told himself. Before they even thought of moving towards him, he could be at least a lawn away. Henry’s chest puffed out a little, and he sauntered to the clover patch to eat.

* * *

Carlos counted the wad of bills before handing over the key brick. “Pleasure doing business with you, Dick,” he said smoothly, grinning. Dick took his bag and left with his friend. Carlos sat down at the iron table and picked up his drink. “Gonna be a be-you-tiful day, huh guys?” His friends laughed and sat down with him. They had just profited enough to knock off for at least a week. Not that they ever would, but the thought was nice.

“So what do we do for the rest of the day?” Steve asked, putting his foot up on the table.

“Not much – hey look, there’s the bunny again!” Carlos whispered, pointing. The grey rabbit was intent on its meal and hadn’t noticed the men. “Shoot it, Jake,” Carlos hissed, “we’re gonna have rabbit stew for dinner!”

“Ah no way man,” Jake whispered back, staring at the quivering grey mound. “You ain’t wastin’ my bullets on some dumb rabbit! You wanna kill it, do it yourself.” Jake leaned back in his chair and defiantly crossed his arms.

Carlos waved Jake off. “Screw you man. You ain’t got no balls, no balls at all.” Jake scoffed as Carlos went back into the house and reached into the refrigerator. He came back out holding up his prize. “It’ll go for this, you watch.” He grinned and sat back down. “Give me that bag, Steve.” Steve tossed over a light-brown plastic bag. Carlos carefully opened it one-handed, and sprinkled heroin down the length of a damp carrot. It stuck fast, sparkling like spun gold. “Hey bunny,” he called softly.

Surprisingly, the rabbit looked up. It froze and stared back at them.

Carlos lightly tossed the carrot into the grass a few feet from the rabbit. “Chew on that, you furry sucker!” He cackled to himself and settled back to his drink.

* * *

Henry jumped when the bright-orange cylinder landed in the grass. In his entire life, he had never actually seen a carrot, but his mother had described them in loving detail. She was right: the smell was like nothing else. Saliva promptly dribbled down Henry’s chin. But a human had thrown it, and his mother had warned them never to trust humans. But the smell – he found himself inching towards the treat. In moments, he was close enough to touch his teeth to it. The taste was even better than he’d dreamed. Within a flash, he seized his prize and ran off under the bushes. Never trust a human, even ones who gave you presents.

Once he was comfortably hidden, Henry set to devouring the delicacy. It had a bitter, plastic aftertaste, but his senses still reeled in ecstasy. When the carrot was half-eaten, he forced himself to slow down. No telling when he’d score a treat like this again; better make it last as long as possible. So by mid-afternoon, he had just finished the meat and started on the leafy top. It too tasted slightly bitter, but no matter – it was a CARROT!

Once done, Henry peeked back out from under the bush. His benefactor still sat on his chair, but the others had long since left. The human had a small stick he kept sucking on, after which he would blow foul white smoke out of his mouth. A small black box sitting on the table next to the human was making noise in strange rhythms. Henry thumped a foot furiously, unsure whether he should try for another carrot. The thought made his mouth water again, but he remained under the bush, watching the man.

The sky was darkening by the time Henry decided to move. The noises on the box were starting to resolve themselves into understandable words, and the human (Henry heard him call himself Carlos) was also speaking intelligently now. Carlos talked to a small piece of plastic that he held up to his face now and then, before he would go back to his little stick. He was an important person, if his conversations were any indication. Henry sat back on his hind legs and realized he had grown enough to see over the top of the bush. Any minute now, he would be too big to remain hidden. His teeth had grown longer and sharper. If he could see himself, he would see reddish black in his eyes where chocolate brown had been. And he had developed a taste for odd things, meaty things... namely, Carlos.

Henry was a bright bunny and knew this wasn’t normal. But while he marveled at himself, the rapid changes did not alarm him the slightest bit. He remembered rumors floating around the cages that Mindy liked to experiment on her pets. Usually those taken into the house for experimentation didn’t return to their families... rumor had it, his mother was one of the few who had. If that was true, there was no telling how her children would grow. Besides, it didn’t hurt, so it must be a good thing.

Henry swiped at the stiff bush with his newly-sprouted claws, and it went crashing off to the side. Carlos looked up sharply – his mouth dropped open at the sight of Henry, who grew even larger by the second. Carlos became glued to his chair, unable to understand. Henry started forward, his feet taking man-length steps. The closer he got to Carlos, the more he could smell him – and the more he felt the bloodlust. He could feel his face twist in anger, and a low growl pushed its way up and out as his arms reached for the human. He lumbered closer still, getting taller with every step.

Carlos finally found his voice, screaming nonsense. He tried to climb up on his chair but it fell over backward. Scrambling back up, he stood his ground and reached for his gun, but it had fallen out of his belt. “What the hell you doin’, man? Damn rabbit – I oughta plug you right here!” Staring at the rabbit’s huge teeth, he searched the ground behind him. “I give you a freakin’ treat, and this is how you repay me?”

Henry could smell fear like fine wine under the bravado, whetting his appetite. The stringy saliva dripping from his open mouth made Carlos scream like a little girl. Henry grinned as best he could as he grabbed Carlos by the shoulders and bodily picked him up. “Hug you,” he ground out carefully. Human speech was difficult with these teeth. He would have to work on that.

Carlos stopped screaming in shock. “WHAT??”

“Hug you,” Henry growled slowly. It was something Mindy said every time she carted an animal away; he wanted to make sure he got it right. "Hug you and squeeze you and love you forever and ever." Carlos' jaw dropped open at the gravelly speech. Henry grinned one last time, then opened his mouth wide and bit Carlos’ head cleanly off. The body only twitched a few times while Henry crunched.

The next morning, Henry loped away from Carlos’ home. The cloth coverings on the body, and the bits of plastic and metal that spilled out, were in tatters on Carlos’ lawn. No matter – he still made a tasty and satisfying meal. Once he finished, Henry had willed himself back to his previous size. Changing back hadn’t taken long, but the whole experience had left him quite tired, and he had fallen asleep on the red-stained grass. Now that he’d had a nap, he felt refreshed.

He even felt rested enough to run... all the way back to Mindy’s house.

copyright 2006

July 6th, 2006, 05:28 AM
definatly honey and thank you for your lovely contrabution :hugz: Good to see you back and posting again :D Missed you and that man of yours. Give everyone big hugs from me espechial the Mog. ;)

July 7th, 2006, 11:55 AM
Not sure if this is too late, but here goes. Just a little something I wrote for a writing challenge a while ago. It's under 2000 words. Enjoy.

The Choice

© Akeyla – 2006

“Hey Joyce, how about a picture?” A skinny guy in a tux said running up to me.

‘Johnny? no Ricky? oh Brad!’ I thought to myself as I left Rob with his friends.

“Hey Brad, Sure why not.”

“Cool thanks, Joyce,” He shoved the camera into the hands of a parent close by. “So what are your plans for the summer?” He asked as we both smiled for the camera. He even put his arm around my shoulder like we were the best of friends.

I didn’t mind, he was a nice guy, just a little on the insecure and shy side, or at least he had been until I started talking to him.

“Well so far, a few of us are going up to the mountains for a week.”

“That sounds great. Hey Rob, how about one of the two of you?” He took his camera back and pushed me towards Rob.

“Sure thing, uh Brad, right?” Rob said as he came over and grabbed me around the waist. Brad took the picture with a big smile on his own face.

“Thanks guys, well I hope to hear from you,” He said as he gave me a quick hug and then ran off.

“You sure did him some good,” Rob said as he steered me back to our group of friends. “I didn’t even think he could talk at the beginning of the year.”

“All he needed was someone to tell him that it’s ok to be different.”

“That’s why I love you Joy, you’re always looking out for the little guys,” He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and jumped back into conversation with Will.

* * *

“Morning Sunshine,” I heard Rob say before I felt his lips on mine. I grinned and stretched, rubbing my body against his beneath the sleeping bag. He groaned. I giggled. “It’s your birthday today.”

“Mmm, I completely forgot.”

His hands started moving over my body. “Do you want your present now or later?”

“How about both?” I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss.

It was another hour before we emerged from the tent to find that our campsite was empty. We heard screaming and laughing coming from the direction of the waterfall so we followed the sound. We found our friends, splashing each other in the cold mountain stream. Steph was just climbing out and Mark and Jen were wringing out their clothes on the shore.

“Hey, Will, you better not be naked!” I yelled before I ran down the hill with Rob following.

“Shouldn’t you be in your birthday suit, seeing as it’s your birthday?” Will teased from the pond.

“Not likely,” I said as I jumped in.

“Nice,” Will said as he looked down at me afterwards. I realized, belatedly, that I was wearing a yellow, now see-through shirt.

I splashed him and when his head was turned to avoid the spray, I jumped him and pushed him down. He fell backwards and I fell on top of him as we both went under.

He rolled with me until he was on top and then he broke the surface, holding me by the shoulders, he pulled me up too.

“There I saved your life, now you owe me,” He said with a laugh.

“Bull shit, I owe you….” The words trailed off in my own head as I caught sight of something shining behind the waterfall.

“Joyce, what’s up?” Rob asked from the side of the pool.

“There’s something behind the waterfall?” I murmured as Will stood up beside me.

“I don’t see a thing, Joyce, what is it?” He asked as I stepped forward, reaching out my hand to break through the waters curtain.

“It’s an old door knocker, you know like the kind with the lion heads from England,” I said as my hand touched the cold metal of the knocking ring.

“Joyce don’t,” Rob yelled as he jumped in, bent on reaching me before I let the knocker fall. That knowledge was not my own but seemed to come from Rob himself. I shook it aside, sure that I was imagining things.

I was lost in a world that seemed to be melting away while another one was coming to replace it. Just as Rob’s hand fell on my wrist and he started to pull me back I dropped the knocking ring.

The noise was deafening and it shook the world. I fell back into Rob’s arms. Steph and Mark were yelling our names and Jen was screaming. Will had stepped back when Rob came in the pool but he was reaching for me now.

Rob’s arms tightened around me as the pool started to become larger and larger and the waterfall receded until it was far on the horizon. Our friends seemed to disappear as the world turned upside down. In a blink of an eye we were in another place. We were sitting on a rocky shore next to the biggest and most beautiful lake I had ever seen. There was an island in the middle with a single white tower rising up from the middle of a very deep and dark forest.

Rob tried to pull me to stand but I pushed out of his hands and plunged forward into the water. I had to get to the island.

I hadn’t swum more than three meters before a boat appeared out of nowhere. A moment later strong arms were pulling me onto it. I looked up into the eyes of a king.

“Hello Joyce,” His voice was a song, surrounding me with warmth and welcome.

“Father?” Vague memories were coming to me, from dreams that I had had of another family and another world.

“Yes, my daughter, it is me,” He reached down and took my hand, helping me to stand in the gently rocking boat.

“But how… why?” I looked over to where Rob had been a moment before and found that we were miles away from the shore.

“Today is you’re eighteenth birthday my dear,” My father said. “You have had your time with the humans and now it is time for you to choose.”

“Choose what?” I asked dumbfounded, this was a little much considering that moments before I was just wrestling with a friend on a harmless camping trip.

“You must choose, whether to stay in the human world or return to our world,”

“Why would I want to come here?” All my life in the ‘human world’ I had thought that my dreams were nothing more then the fanciful wishes of a child, now I realized that they had been true memories.

“It is where you were born, where you belong. There are many in the human world that could use your help, as well as many in the World of the Fae who have been waiting for your return.”

“Like who?”

“Me,” A voice came from behind me. I turned and saw Brad walking towards me.

“Brad?” I was beyond shocked.

“It’s ok Joyce. You helped me in the human world and I will be here to help you in this world.” He reached forward and took my hand. The moment we touched the magic that had held his appearance in the human world faded away.

Instead of the skinny, tall awkward, acne riddled, teenager nerd, that I had said goodbye to a few days ago, there was an amazingly beautiful man standing before me. He had deep forest green eyes and hair the color of red wood. He was tall, yes, but definitely not skinny. He was gorgeous.

“Who are you?” I whispered it as I found myself instantly attracted to him. I even took a step forward as though I couldn’t resist him.

“I am your betrothed, my dear, or I will be should you decide to stay here.” His eyes sparkled with want and desire.

It was too much as I became light-headed and started to feel like the world was upside down.

“Put me back on the shore,” I demanded as confusion and anger over the unfairness of it all filled me with fear.

Brad’s face fell in disappointment and he dropped my hand.

“To do that would be to declare your decision Joy.” My father said with great patience and understanding in his voice. “Is that your choice?”

“I don’t know, this is too weird. How am I supposed to make a choice based on a moment of illusion?”

“It isn’t an illusion. I’m sorry that this is hard, it always is, but it is our way. Deep inside, you know where you belong. No one will deny you the right to make that choice, but it must be made.”

I had been watching Brad as my father spoke and I knew that somewhere within me there was love for him. I also knew that on the surface of my heart was love for Rob too and the future that we had planned out together.

I looked back towards the shore and saw that we were now closer to it. I could see Rob standing there watching and waiting for me.

“Does he know about this?” I asked no one in particular.

“He has been visited in dreams to prepare him. There is a reason he chose this spot for your camping trip. He too understood the need for you to make the choice.”

“I can’t…” I sat down, somehow a chair materialized out of nowhere and I sort of fell into it.

“We will give you a moment to think, but the choice must be made today.” With that my father disappeared.

“Joy?” I turned and saw that Brad was still there. There was love in his eyes and resignation too. “Know that in either world, you will be loved.” He cupped my chin and kissed me. In that sweet moment our future flashed before me and it was filled with magic, wonder and love, then he disappeared like the others.

I sat in silence on the still lake as images of my life with Rob flashed through my mind. There was nothing that we didn’t know about each other. I had planned my future around being with him forever and so had he. How could I tear that away from him for the love of a man I hardly knew and a world that I didn’t feel a part of?

A single tear escaped my eyes and I caught it in my hand. It turned into a diamond and I wished it into a pendant. One of a butterfly, with a single diamond in his wing, it would be my only act of faerie magic. I left it on the chair for Brad and then dove into the water.

* * *

“Joyce, Joyce, wake up,” It was Rob’s voice, he was afraid.

I pushed through the mist that surrounded me and looked up into the faces of my friends. I was wet, cold and lying on the rocky shore. Rob’s eyes were glassy with tears as were Jen’s and Stephs, even Will looked a little weepy. I could hear Mark talking frantically on his phone from a few feet away.

“What happened?” I croaked out through a sore throat. Jen handed me a water bottle and Will helped me to sit up.

“You hit your head when you went under,” Rob was saying as he drew me into his arms. “There was a deep spot right under the waterfall and you got sucked into it, it was the weirdest thing. You were unconscious when I pulled you out.”

Will and Jen backed away as Steph took the phone away from a shaking Mark and was explaining that I seemed to be ok.

“I thought I’d lost you Joy, don’t ever leave me like that again,” Rob whispered as he squeezed me too tight.

“I won’t” I promised. I had made my choice.

July 9th, 2006, 03:17 PM
Hello, I just started exploring MW a few days ago and I discovered this section today. I would like to write a story for the next quarter's compitition. Should I post it here or wait until the new thread is posted?

I don't really know what the etiquette is for posting a response to someone's story b/c when I go to quick reply it sends my post straight to the end. So I'm just going to put them in one post. If thats not what I should do... ummm tell me and I'll do it the right way :) Okay

Purple Dragon's story has really good potential for a continuing series. I know I would read more. I don't know if it was intentional but the perspective it is written in made me think the story is about a female. Then when I was going to say "that rocks!" I realized wait she didn't say what the character is. I wonder if a guy reading it would see the character as a male. hmmm... I don't know but I like it.

I thought your story was great DragonMom. I love the bunny perspective and the unexpected plot twists. The style is very easy to read and even though it looked long it read quickly. I hope to read future entries by you :)

I didn't read the last story because I have to get offline but I will another time.

July 9th, 2006, 03:45 PM
How about really short... 500 words or so? More of an essay.

July 9th, 2006, 06:33 PM
Bethra has taken a break from here for a while and I am just trying to figure out what to do with these.

So I will get back to you on that. In the meantime, Let's push the deadline to the July 15th. If you want to post them please do.

July 14th, 2006, 06:56 PM
OK here is my story, its actually the first chapter of what I hope will one day be a novel. I have much editing to do, but enjoy :)

Two patrons on the fifth floor, none on the fourth floor, one on the third floor, two on the second floor, and five on the ground floor. Fifteen till the museum closes and one hour till I get off. I have to do rounds to make sure no one is left in the building before I put the alarm on for the night.

This isn’t such a bad job. It’s pretty cushy actually. I get to sit in front of 20 television monitors for 8 hours and go home to enjoy a fat pay check. Very rarely does anyone do anything wrong and when I think someone is getting to close to a piece of art work I just have to radio the security guard on that floor and they take care of it.

My watch says 10 minutes now till the museum closes. This has been an easy day. I notice a young woman coming into the front doors looking around like she needs something. I turn on the volume for that monitor.

“Hello, how are you doing today,” Nat, the receptionist, asks her.
“Oh I’m ok. I am supposed to meet a friend here before closing but I don’t know what floor she might be on.”
“Well we are about to close in about ten minutes but its Sunday so you can go in for free and look around.”
“Wow that’s so nice of you. Have a nice day if I don’t see you.”

She walks off toward the first gallery and I turn off the volume. After a quick check of the other monitors I turn my attention to the one she happens to be wondering in front of. The fact that she is a quite attractive woman isn’t the only reason I am watching her. She seems a little familiar but maybe not. I have been trained through my years of security to pay attention to details especially in situations that are slightly out of the norm. People rarely come in at almost closing time even if to meet other people. Her hair is short and stylish. Even though on the monitor it looks blue I know that it is actually dark brown or black. She is about 5’6” with dark eyes and a light complexion. She is wearing a black turtleneck and dark tight fitting jeans. Her shoes seem to be normal black tennis shoes.

I make a mental note of all of this and check the other floors again. Other than her, there are only three other people left in the building that aren’t guards.

“Hey Jordan, how we doin girl? Getting close,” Nat startles me by asking.
“Well there are about four left. Most of them seem to be on their way out.”
“What about that one I just let in? I knew I shouldn’t have let her in.”
“Umm, I don’t see her anymore. Maybe she left.”

And it was true, I didn’t see her anywhere on any of the monitors. Maybe she walked out the front while I was talking to Nat. That’s kind of disappointing but hey that’s one less person to kick out in a couple of minutes. I hate kicking people out anyway. I like sitting behind my luminous monitors telling other people to deal with the problems. But at the end of the day because everyone else has been on their feet all day I get the duty of clearing the floors and locking up. I’ve also been working here longer than any of them and have enough seniority to have the keys.

You couldn’t tell from looking at me that I have any seniority though. I am only 25 but I look younger. I actually look kind of like I would be a punk kid that I should be kicking out. I have short black hair styled kind of wild and wear comfortably baggy pants with usually a muscle shirt and a button up shirt unbuttoned on top. I also carry all the handy security guard accessories like handcuffs and a flashlight. I thought about getting a nice baton but never really felt the need for one. Despite the way I look I do get the respect I deserve because I trained almost all the guards here. And if I didn’t train them I trained the person who did. I got lucky by being interested in the arts early in life and looked really responsible when I was a teenager. I still am responsible I just don’t look like it anymore. It goes to show that changing the wrapping doesn’t change what’s inside.

I hear my watch beep the hour and I scan the monitors for patrons. There are very few places in this museum that aren’t monitored but I know where those are so it doesn’t take me long at the end of my shift to make sure its clear and lock up. I watch as all the security guards commune around the office to clock out and make sure they are all there. They are of course and I walk out of my monitoring room to escort them down the huge white marble steps to the entrance/exit. We say our goodbyes, goodnights, and see you laters, and I lock all the doors behind them.

This is by far my favorite part of the day. I get to take my sweet time and walk around this huge museum all by myself. It might seem lonely to some… but not many get to experience it to really know.

I check the monitor room before I start; just to make sure, and all seems to be clear. There is a specific path that I must take to make sure that no one can slip past me to another floor or room while I’m checking one. A lot of people wouldn’t think of these things but I always do. I guess that is what makes me perfect for this job.

The first room is like a ballroom with towering walls and a beautifully arched ceiling. Even after all these years I still look at everything whenever I do my walkthrough. I am surrounded by vivid bright colors bursting out of paintings surrounded by spotless white walls. There are no crevices or walls for anyone to hide behind in this room so I move on to the next.

This room is much more, I guess cozy could be said. The walls are a dark tan color and the paintings are portraits of people from the past taller than my own 5’4” frame. This is one of my favorite rooms. The lighting is dim and comforting, the artwork is amazingly detailed, and there are lots of walls for me to feel all FBI bad ass when I turn the corners. My exploration of this room once again turns nothing up, as usual, and I call the elevator down to the first floor. No one is inside of it. I use my key to shut it down and I take the stairs up to the next floor.

The second floor is one of the easiest to check. The entire level is one large room with a lot of giant illusionist works. They are best viewed from a distance away. And the room is set up so you can see how they look close up and far away. A quick check and it is clear.

Up the stairway to the next floor and this one presents more of a challenge. This is a room full of surrealist paintings and sculptures. I go through my normal routine check. Corner, corner, around this wall, under the loop-de-loop arch, around this wall and then to the bathrooms. I just so happen to have to use it so I prop the women’s room door open so I can hear anything outside and walk in. Much like the rest of this building it has to be more graceful than what one would expect. Even the stalls have a surreal design. The doors are each painted in blue, black, and white so that they look like they are bubbling outwards when you stand in front of them on the outside and when you are sitting on the inside. I push open each door on the way to the last stall. Just when I’m about to open the door I hear the toilet make a swishing noise.

“Who’s there?”

No answer. I push open the door and see water the toilet is calm and doesn’t seem to have been moving any time recently. It was in the men’s room then. I run out the women’s room doorway and turn to push open the men’s room door just as it is thrown in my face from the other side. All I see is the blue paint of the door bursting towards me then I hit the floor, luckily in a proper break fall. Somewhere in my head I can hear sneakers squeaking away. I jump to my feet and turn in time to see the woman I had been watching only 25 minutes before on the monitors throwing open the stairwell doors and not even hesitate before running up.

I stand only a moment in shock before I fly toward the doors myself and bolt up after her. The door slams behind me and I can hear her running slightly out of sync with me. Her shadow is thrown wildly on the wall and floor ahead of me as I chase her up the stairs. I see her only 10 feet ahead of me now bursting through the doors to the fourth floor. I definitely have the upper hand here because I know this place like its my home. I have actually spent more time here than I have in the apartment I live in now.

I push the door as it is thrown back at me and am through the threshold before it even closes. I look around and don’t see where she went. Somehow she evaded me, but not for long.

“This exit right here is the only one out of this floor. You might as well give yourself up now.”


“You haven’t done anything wrong… Yet. We can just walk out of here and no one has to know what you tried to do.” Lie. I have to record it just in case she tries to do it again.”


Fine then. I can play that game. I use the a key; I have one for every door, and lock the one way out of this room behind me. I put the keys in my zipper pocket where it won’t bounce against me when I run and walk quietly further into the room.

This floor is one of my favorites, partially because of the architecture that is displayed and partially because it is the hardest to clear. Great, so she knows something about this museum after all. I walk around a gigantic model of a futuristic building, listening carefully for footsteps. I drop down to the floor and look underneath the table it is displayed on. Nothing. I then I scan all around through the gaps between the floor and the temporary walls. Almost all of them have about a six-inch gap between the bottom of the walls and the floor. I see her feet nowhere. The room is a dark burgundy color; both the walls and the floor, and the lighting isn’t so great either. I don’t want to turn the lights on brighter though because I don’t know if she has any weapons and at least I can see my way in the dim light.

As I walk along I wonder what she was planning to do here. Most of the objects here are too large to carry out discreetly, and when I turn the alarm system on when I leave she wouldn’t be able to get herself out without setting off the system. Much less lugging something else. That isn’t what concerns me right now though. What if she destroys any artwork while I’m trying to catch her? Nothing like this has happened since I started doing the nightly shutdown. Usually people just leave when they are told we are closing. I silently round a corner in which I can see a good deal of the room around the models. I stop for a moment to evaluate the situation and the most likely places she would hide.

Suddenly I hear cloth brush cloth fainter than a whisper on the other side of the wall I just rounded. I flatten myself immediately so she can’t see me when she looks into the doorway. She appears in my line of view just as she turns to face forward again. She is walking like a prowling alley cat . Her knees are slightly bent and her arms seem prepared for attack. I step stealthily into pace behind her. She doesn’t hear me and continues her prowl. Just when she is about to peer around the next corner I spring to action. I leap forward towards her left side, and put my right leg behind her knees at the same time I throw my right arm around her chest and pull backwards. The takedown works beautifully and she lands on her back at my feet.

Surprisingly her eyes shoot me a fiery excited look instead of angry or shocked. She lifts one foot and puts her heal heavily on my right foot and quickly throws her left foot onto my upper knee, throwing me off balance and onto the floor as well. She jumps up before I can but I’m not far behind her. We both stand in fighting position now pushed out into the center of the room. There are model houses within 5 feet of us in all directions. Her eyes make me a little nervous because they don’t look worried at all. We begin circling eachother.

“Who are you and what are you doing here,” I ask, glancing between her eyes and her hips to judge if she is about to make a move.

“Once you’ve figured that out, you deserve to know,” she says with a smirk. Her voice is kind of sultry, deeper than I expected. I can’t place her accent but she speaks very proper.

“Why don’t you stop this game you seem to be playing? We can just stop this face-off and I will let you leave.”

“Oh, you can just let me leave can you? After I put all these precious works of art in jeopardy. I seriously doubt that.”

“If you knew I couldn’t let you go why did you attempt anything at all?”

At that she just shakes her head and chuckles before running towards the door. I run after her but know she won’t be able to get out. She hits the door and tries to push. About the time she realizes its locked I am on her and push her body against the door. Before I can grab her arms she shoves herself off the doors, throwing me backwards. I catch my balance as she turns towards me. She throws a high kick at my head but I duck and punch her in the stomach. She takes the hit like a pro and lands one on my left cheekbone. Its at about this point that i realize she is trained. I fake like i’m going to kick her in the stomach and switch and roundhouse her in the side of the head. She is stunned just long enough for me to knee her in the stomach with my other leg and push her to the ground when she is bending over. I pounce on her immediately and after a couple of hits to my face I am able to grab her wrists and pin them to the ground.
“Wow aren’t we aggressive,” she says between breaths. “I didn’t think you would have me in this position so quickly.”

In my moment of shock after that statment she thrusts her arms up with a suprising amount of strength.

I twist them behind her lower back and place just enough pressure for her to stop struggling.

“So what now?” She asks, breathing heavily with her face turned too the side so her face isn’t on the floor.

“What now? What now?! Now you stop asking the questions,” I pull my handcuffs from my belt holster with my left and and clip themto her wrists which already happen to be in a good position to do so.

“Ok, We are going to get up and go downstairs and I’m going to call the police.”

I pull her to her knees by her shoulders and then to her feet from there. I keep the pressure on her left arm as I unzip the pocket with the keys in them. After the door is unlocked and we are in the stairwell I start leading her down.

Suddenly when we reach the first landing down she is out of my grasp and I see a foot coming down on my shoulder. I twist a fraction of a second too late and feel a hard blow to the tip of my right shoulder. Before she has time to do anything else though I rush toward her and we hit the wall with breath taking force. I holder her there with my hands on her shoulders. A smirk on her face inches away from mine. Damn she’s hot. Why does she have to be the bad guy, I ask myself. I then shake my head at her, flip her around, and take a firm grip on her arm.

She laughs almost maniacally as we reach the bottom floor doors. I can’t figure out why but decide not to ask in case it is a distraction. As I round the corner to the monitor room I see through the glass that there are three men inside turned toward the door waiting for us. I immediately see that one of them is Martin Dougan, the owner of the museum. His expression, which was normally pleasant, was odd. His eyes sort of held a sadness. Like usual he is wearing a suit, today it is black. The men on either side of him are wearing black suits as well, but there’s seem perfectly tailored to their bodies. They are all watching as we walk towards the door, her being held in front of me.

“Well done Jordan,” says the man to the left of Mr. Dougan. His hair looks as perfect as his suit. “Nicole Jordan I believe.”
“Yes, I’m Jordan. How did you get here so fast. I didn’t have time to even let the police know.”
“That won’t be necessary. I think the situation is under control,” says the man to the right. His hair has a little more flare than the other guy. His eyes sparkle and crinkle at the sides as if he is amused. But somehow it doesn’t look sincere.
“I wasn’t worried. I just see that as what normally happens in these situations.”
“And what situation is that,” asks Dougan.
“I had to capture her. She was hiding in the men’s room. I don’t know what she was here for yet.” All the while since we entered the room the girl had been quiet. Now I turn to her to see what she is thinking of all this. Her eyes were turned to the floor but a small smile played at her lips.

“Well,” The man to the left turns towards my capture. “Did you get what you came here for?”
“I do believe I have. There will need to be a certain amount of training, of course.”
What? I look from her to him and back to her.
“Of course,” he responds.
Of course??
“Of course what? Training? What is going on here?”

Martin Dougan takes a step forward and extends his hand. “You have a life of danger, excitement, and challenge ahead of you, should you choose what these people have to offer you. I don’t know where you are going or what is going to happen to you but you weren’t here all this time by coincidence. You have proven yourself worthy of moving on to a position more fitting for you.”

“Ok. So this was a test? Is this a government thing?”
“You will find out all of that soon enough. Now you have to make a choice. You have to decide now whether to change your life in every single way. If you do not you will never know what we would have asked of you.”
“I can’t change my mind? What about Mini and Cooper?”
“They will be well taken care of,” exclamed the man to the right with the crinkled eyes.
I quickly register this question through the pro’s and con’s of my present life. I have no partner. I will miss my cats. I will be trained in something that has to be cool. Hmmm. I might be stuck in something that sucks. I suddenly notice I am still holding the woman’s arm locked behind her back. I release my grip and reach in my zippered pocket to take out the key to the cuffs.
“Oh, Sorry,” I say. Before I even pull the keys from my pocket her hands are loose and she is putting the cuffs into my free hand.
“Thats ok,” She says as she lets her fingertips linger on my palm a second too long.
“Okay! I’ll do it. Where do I sign up?”

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