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Yasmine Galenorn
April 16th, 2006, 03:13 PM
First: The Juvenile Diabetes Fundraiser auction, chaired by Brenda Novak, bestselling romance author, is almost here. I'm donating a big basket of goodies to it. This is such an important cause to me, brought home daily because my husband has type 1 diabetes and I watch him struggle every day with getting his insulin dosages/food/exercise ratio just right. I pull him out of seizure on the infrequent, but terrifying, occasions. The disease is an invasive one, and it affects millions of Americans, from the thin to the fat, from baby to elderly. Right now, there is no cure for type 1--but we're close, and that's why we hold this auction. And for many with Type 2 diabetes, no matter how hard they try to control it, the disease eats away. And that's also why we hold this auction. Please consider taking part. You can find more information here: http://www.galenorn.com/benefit.htm (http://www.galenorn.com/benefit.htm)

And second: in case anybody's interested, to mark the openings of my reader forums on my site, and the release of A BLUSH WITH DEATH--I'm holding a special contest. If you want to enter, register for my forums at http://www.galenorn.com/Bulletin/ (http://www.galenorn.com/Bulletin/). Then click on this link, and follow directions. http://www.galenorn.com/Bulletin/showthread.php?p=123#post123 (http://www.galenorn.com/Bulletin/showthread.php?p=123)

The contest will run until Summer Solstice and the winner (randomly chosen) will receive a Summer Fun Basket from me (no, I'm not sending you to Hawai'i, but it will be fun and more than a bottle of fruit juice and an old towel, I promise!). Contest open only to members of my forums who have posted 10 posts (besides just one word replies).

Yasmine :fam03: