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March 31st, 2001, 01:52 PM
Three Octaves of Planetary Vibration.

Grouping planets as pairs and triads provides a powerful key to unlocking the psychological dynamics of a birth chart.
The Sun, Moon, and Saturn are a natural group. The Sun at the center of our solar system, the Moon defining Earth's "sublunar" realm, and Saturn, the outermost visible planet, symbolizing definition and limitation. These planets are keys to the understanding parental complexes and issues of security. Uranus, the first planet beyond Saturn, may also be pair with Saturn, and together they provide a symbol of the interaction of stability and radical change. Jupiter and Saturn, though not paired in the diagram, are an important pair, representing social, economic, political, and religious institutions and the authorities who run them.
Venus and Mars are an obvious pair, the first planets within and beyond Earth's orbit. Together they are keys to our emotional, creative, and sexual lives. Pluto ties into the pair on a "higher" octave, suggesting that our creative and sexual natures often drive us to express our most intense qualities . . . for better and for worse!
As a pair, Mercury and Jupiter symbolize our faculties of association (Mercury) and participation (Jupiter). Neptune figures as a "higher" aspect of the pair, it symbolizes music, religious compulsions, and psychism (the psychic network and its powerful binding energy) that bind a culture . . . and often holds its members in psychological bondage.
There are other valid combinations, and this section is meant not to confuse, but to introduce and grasp in outline the coherent, holistic framework upon which we derive the symbolism of the individual planets.

for learning porposes only/credits to Michael R. Meyer