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April 1st, 2001, 02:48 AM
The preserving principle that promotes the status quo and the established order, while gradually expanding its frames of reference and fields of activity. Assimilation of experience within a well-defined area of activity.

Traditional Attributes
Expansion and growth. Success, prosperity and affluence. Social happiness, opportunities and enterprises. Religious authority and social conventions. Optimism and harmony. Social activities and open-mindedness. Honesty and respectability.

Humanistic Interpretation
Jupiter symbolizes the principle of increase, expansion, magnification, preservation and compensation. It places Martian impulses in an ever-broader arena of action, and tempers primal Martian drives with cooperation and other capacities necessary for survival and success in the social and business arenas. Jupiter therefore represents the religious, legal, moral and philosophical system of the institutions of a society and how they govern individual action. In another sense, Jupiter is the symbol of organizational and administrative processes. In a horoscope, Jupiter symbolizes your capacity for personal expansion, integration and social participation. It represent personal accomplishments and the pride one takes in his or her achievements. Your philosophical outlook and how you can best expand horizons are also indicated by Jupiter in your horoscope.

for learning purposes only/credits to Michael R. Meyer