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April 1st, 2001, 02:49 AM
The principle of limitation and definition that provides a sense of security and identity. Saturn defines the sphere of dominion, within which highly organized activity is possible.

Traditional Attributes
The principles of limitation, condensation, restriction, definition, form and structure. Caution, reservations and inhibitions. Discipline, hardships, confinement and delays. Suppression and oppression. Seriousness, patience and prudence. Social and political power. Security and stability. The father image.

Humanistic Interpretation
Saturn represents the principle of form and definition which gives all things their unique qualities and structure of being. It symbolizes the outer reaches of Martian impulses and the dominion of Jupiterian commerce and administration. Saturn is also the principle of stabilization, the security factor which gives order and satisfaction to our activities. In a birth chart, Saturn shows your capacity to structure and order your life. Saturn in your horoscope indicates were you seek your sense of personal identity—how you define yourself. It also shows your need of security, your sense of personal responsibility and how you see your place in the outer world. Saturn symbolizes your personal doubts and fears, and restrictions placed upon you by circumstances.

for learning purposes only/credits to Michael R. Meyer