View Full Version : The Planets-Lesson Thirteen: Uranus

April 1st, 2001, 02:50 AM
The drive to transcend the confines of social convention and outmoded mindsets in order to participate consciously and creatively within a larger sphere of living.

Traditional Attributes
Change and all things new, different and revolutionary. The sudden and unexpected. Revolutions, disruptions and upheavals. Innovation and inventiveness. Eccentricity and unconventionality. Awakening to new possibilities.

Humanistic Interpretation
The great Awakener, Uranus represents the principle of change and transformation that eventually pushes us beyond the confines of the Saturnian ego and beyond the images and symbols of any particular culture. Uranus constantly challenges our preconceptions and our limited, secure way of thinking and living. As the great Awakener, Uranus opens the way to a global, truly Aquarian age of one humanity. It breaks down old patterns of thought and behavior, and helps us realize that we can be more, that a next step in human evolution is possible. In a birth chart, Uranus symbolizes your capacity for radical change, the areas of life in which you are most likely to experience the challenge to transformation, and how to make the best of it. Uranus in the birth chart indicates where unexpected change and sudden opportunities for growth in new directions most likely surface.

for learning purposes only/credits to Michael R. Meyer