View Full Version : The Planets-Lesson 15: Pluto

April 1st, 2001, 02:52 AM
The ultimate test of fitness, the Pluto function strips away all but the essential core of being, and modulates values and consciousness to a larger, more inclusive, trans-Saturnian context.

Traditional Attributes
The higher octave of Mars. Regeneration, death and rebirth. Purging, elimination and essentialization. Compulsion and extreme means. Dictators and their absolute power. Sheer egomania. Nuclear energy and its waste. Mass control and manipulation. Unrestrained catabolic forces and their results. Eruptions of the unconscious. Pluto carries the name, and much of the significance, of the Roman god of the underworld.

Humanistic Interpretation
Pluto is the great reducer, stripping away all that is unessential, leaving nothing but what simply is. Ruthlessly destroying all glamour, Pluto symbolizes the power enabling one to cast away all but one’s essential dharma, one’s fundamental truth of being. In so doing, it presents the possibility of psychological and spiritual rebirth, and it provides the conditions leading to reintegration around a new center of being. In your birth chart, Pluto symbolizes how you can best refocus and restructure your life and your personal energies, how to modulate your center of being to a higher level. Pluto shows where the urge toward radical transformation is most active in your life, and how it can be exercised most constructively.

for learning purposes only/credits to Michael R. Meyer