View Full Version : Group Meditation {Group 2}

Autumn Clair
July 12th, 2006, 11:15 AM

Make sure you are as comfortable as possible, and then gently close your eyes.
Begin by taking a couple of deep full breaths and let the breath out.

As you begin breathing slowly, comfortably and easily, invite your body to relax and to let go of any unnecessary tension.
Take the time to bring your attention to each part of your body. Invite it to release and relax, letting go, easily, comfortably.

You can feel the muscles in your face relaxing.

Your shoulders are relaxing.

The muscles of your back are relaxing.

Your legs are relaxing.

Your hands and feet are relaxing.

You’re letting all the tensions go.
And your whole body is becoming more and more relaxed.

Just let it happen, releasing, letting go, relaxing even more, now feeling a warm wave of pure relaxation rolling down your body, from the top of your head, to the tips of your toes.

To deepen this relaxation, imagine yourself now on a path leading alongside an meadow. Towering behind you are the peaks of the surrounding mountains. The air is clean and fresh. It is late afternoon on a sunny summer’s day. The sky is a beautiful light blue with a few fluffy white clouds moving majestically from the horizon.

The pine trees stand tall and stately to your right, and you pick up on the strong scent of the evergreens.
To your left you can hear the rustle of an aspen grove.
Your eye catches the shimmering of the leaves in the soft breeze.

The path slopes downward. It has recently been cleared, the pine needles are brushed to the side. You feel sure-footed and secure as you walk the path leading in the direction of a meadow ahead.

As you reach the edge of the line of trees, you see a comfortable looking bench beside the path between two big pine trees. You sit down and lean back. The bench is made of rough wood, but you find it very comfortable and relaxing to sit on.

As you look around, you can see the meadow below you with its carpet of wild flowers spread out... blue, red, white, yellow, coral, splashes of green, sunlit, bees humming, a dragonfly flits by.
You look up and see the blue sky with white clouds going by.
It is serene, beautiful, peaceful.

You are conscious for just a moment of inhaling the energy, the life force, that's in the fresh mountain air, and you’re exhaling all your tensions, all your worries and concerns are flowing away.
There is just the air, the rustling leaves, the drifting clouds, the scent of pine, the rough texture of the bench all bringing a special calm, a sense of peace, a sense of inner nourishment.

An owl flies up and lands on a branch above you. It doesn’t frighten you. Rather you feel a sense of curiosity. You continue to study the owl, as it looks back at you. It ruffles its feathers before settling comfortably on the branch.
Something passes between you, some unspoken communication. You have a feeling of oneness with everything around you.. Your feeling of relaxation is even deeper.

Allow yourself the time now to relax for a few moments, drawing on the beauty of the scene as you envision it, taking in the energy to re-energize and revitalize yourself.
Let this be a time of renewal for your inner spirit.

The owl flies away now. You watch the clouds drifting in larger and darker formations, pushing one another more rapidly than before.
The soft touch of the moist air is on your cheeks. You know it’s going to rain, in fact, you can already hear the first drops falling on the leaves nearby.

You leave the comfortable bench and start walking up the mountain path, in the direction you came from. As you leave, you know that this is a place that you can come back to whenever you wish..., to sit, to relax, to heal, to just watch the clouds roll by.

It is a place where rest and peace and inner healing take place.
You go up the path and with the next five steps, you become more and more awake and aware of your surroundings.
One, going up the path.
Two, feeling better than before, coming awake now, bringing back with you a sense of relaxation and inner healing.
Three, feeling refreshed, as though you had just had a nice invigorating nap.
Four, energizing, eyes opening now.
Five, your eyes fully open now, you are alert and wide awake, now stretch, and smile, because you feel terrific.

Once you've had a chance to try this guided meditation come back here and discussion your experience with the group/

* Were you able to visualize well?
* Did you feel relaxed?
* What difficulties did you have?