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July 20th, 2006, 03:03 AM
This is an abreviated version of my story, the entire thing will be at my Group Site.

My Sister and I were born at Canyon de Chelly. I was born December 14, 1854.
Deluvina was born in 1844.
We were happy and peaceful, farming with our family, preparing for the Womanhood Ceremony I would undergo at age 12.
One day, all of that changed.
The Apache came riding to our camp, to make war.
Deluvina and I were taken.
Mami was taken as well.
Deluvina kept me with her, we never saw Mami again. Papi was killed with many of our other Tribal Members.
Most of our People were taken to Ft. Sumner
Deluvina protected me from harm.
She took me, told them I was her Daughter.
We were taken to an Apache Camp, adopted to a kindly Apache Family.
We were made to work, but not hard, as I was young.
Deluvina looked after me, kept me from being troublesome.
We were taken to the Catholic Finishing School at Santa Fe, NM to learn Deportment and Spanish. We were stripped of our Cultural Identity.
Soon, we were traded to Senor Lucien B. Maxwell for ten Horses and some other various Trinkets.
We were taken in by a Family named Garcia.
Soon, Deluvina was given to the Maxwells, I was taken by the Salazars.
Senor Salazar was very good to me, and was kindly.
Soon, Cowboys would come by his Rancho to help with the Sheep and Cattle who Senor Salazar helped Senor Maxwell with.
One day, the Cattle and Sheep Business hit a low point, and money ran low. It was bitterly cold.
I was taken to Santa Fe again by Senor Salazar to look for work, to make money to help the family.
I went to the Inn of the Governors to seek Employment.
I told the Barkeep that I could do most anything needed, and would be a good employee.
He told me to find a place to be seated and he would speak with me after he tended to the other customers (at this time, it was a Hotel and Saloon).
A young man caught my eye as I was there, he asked me to sit with him and talk.
I did this, in hopes that it would please my new employer, to see that I would work well with the Customers.
He was very handsome, a bit young, but kindly.
Some other cowboys jeeded and made leering comments and looked at me with scorn and mistrust.
The young Cowboy drew his Pistola on them. They backed off this quickly and returned to other matters.
I could not explain it, but I felt safe, protected with him.
He asked my name, I said "Me Llame es Abrana."
He said his name was William Bonney.
That everyone that knew him called him Billy.
I asked, out of fondness for my young friend, if I could call him "Billito."
He said this would be fine, but that no one else but me could call him this.
Soon, we were talking as if we had known eachother forever.
I forgot all about my plans for work.
That night, we returned to my Hotel Room, and things went from calm to hot in moments.
We were instantly as one together, Nothing else but being together mattered.
The next morning, I had to leave, to return to Mt. Capitan at Ruidoso to gather my things, to go live nearer to my Sister at Ft. Sumner, and so my Billito could come see me as often as possible. I had obtained a Job as a Housekeeper and Nanny for the Maxwells.
Soon, Billito and I were together as often as possible.
We traveled for work together to Arizona Territory, and then parted ways again, as I had to return to Ft. Sumner.
Soon, Billito came back for me, took me to meet his Mother and Step - Father, and Brother Joseph at Silver City.
Billy and I went walking in his Mother's Rose Garden, but Billy was acting far differently as he had ever before been around me.
He seemed Distant, Nervous, not alltogether on the point of there with me. I knew something was either up or very, very wrong.
We sat in the porch swing.
He got on his knee.
I knew then that he was going to ask me to be his Wife.
I said yes, that I would follow him through Eternity.
We had supper there, and everyone was very happy. Billy translated for me, as I spoke no English at this time. Catherine was Crying, Josepoh was teasing Billito. Senor Antrim just sat contentedly. He showed less than any emotion.
His Mother Catherine was very sick with the Consumption. I heard her fits of Coughing. I felt very sorry for her.
I did what I could for her with what herbs that Deluvina had given me to use for Curing. Hoping that it would ease her suffering some.
We announced our Impending Marriage at a Social and Baile at Ft. Sumner, NM, but quietly, as Billito was an Outlaw.
Soon, we were married by Father Anida, of the Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Rosa, NM. on February 11, 1871. (I have this written record in my posession).
(The old Church is now in Ruins with no plans to renovate).
Our Friends and Family came to wish us well.
We were given an Impromptu Poker Party Reception far away, at Gallup, NM., but kept it quiet, as we did not wish for the law to catch on that we were doing so.
In 1874, Catherine Died of her Consumption.
We went to the Funeral and Billy was devastated by this, but comforted that I stood with him Graveside. (yes, I have visited the Grave, and left flowers for her).
By 1872, Daughter Nabora was Born. It was among the happier times in our lives.
Billy was so proud.
As with all of our four children, he was not allowed into the room, even though in my pain, I cried for his presence.
Poor Billito,he was like a Caged Panther. He was so nervous.
He wanted desperately to be at my side.
Fortunately, Nabora was born Healthy.
I was fine, and in good spirits.
Then, we started onto the road, running for our very lives, as Billito was accused of so many things.
The Regulators and Senor Tunstall came to visit frequently.
Senor Tunstall loved our children.
We were going to name him as the Childrens' God Father.
He was shot down by the Santa Fe Ring in 1874, before this could happen.
Jose Patrocinio came in 1875, then Antonio in 1879.
For the children, to hide and protect them, we used false names and bogus dates, so if one looks for these records, nothing will match or mesh.
Billito was constantly being hunted by the law, so he was there and gone many times.
I recall also being told through those with reliable information, that Billito was safe and alive, and that it was safe to go see him.
So, I went to him at first chance that I got.
I brought our children as they missed him so badly.
The Gunfight at Blazer's Mill, I was there, but not through anything of my own fault, I was visiting Billito, and we just happened to be there when it happened.
Billito saw the man that had come to kill him and our friends, and took us down to the Basement, to hide me and protect our Children. I heard the Gunfight ensue.
It was Horrible.
The Children were very frightened.
There was Blood everywhere outside.
Charlie laid dead. Billito was slightly wounded.
Senor Chavez was also wounded and others recieved minor injuries.
I tended to them, as I had done some work with Deluvina as a Curandera, or healer.
Our children and I went back to Ft. Sumner soon after this.
Inbetween being on the run and hometime, Billito would come home, we would go to our "Special Place" to be together.
When Billito was caught at the Rock House, and surrounded by Pat Garrett and his Posse, I happened to be there, dressed as one of the men, for my own protection.
The Law men, they jailed us, but let me go, after finding I was a Woman. This was to protect thier own reputations.
It was also not written to historical record, so my Reputation would be protected.
I then returned to Ft. Sumner to await word of Billito's welfare.
Soon, Billito came back home.
When the McSween Hacienda was Burned, I was there, but again, by chance.
(Historical record of this does not exist, as most records of me and my life were either hidden, blown away by a Twister, burned in our Hacienda at Ft. Sumner shortly after Billito's death, washed away by a Flood, or a small combination of all of these circumstances).
I was visiting Billito with our children, and things seemed to go from bad to worse.
We were surrounded in the Hacienda, I went out of the Hacienda last, before Billito, and luckily, by the grace of the Highest, our Children, myself and Billito were not injured.
I would not leave Billito's side.
If we were going to die, I wanted that it would be together.
Our children would have been sent to live with family at Ft. Sumner.
thankfully, we all survived.
I was quite the shot, and killed many of whom saught to kill us.
We went out fighting.
After this, Billito was on the run.
Pat Garrett came by the old fort, broke down our door, roughed me up, threatened to kill our children if I didn't tell where Billito was.
They overturned our Hacienda, broke our furninshings, and destroyed a whole summer's worth of Winter Canning.
What a mess!
I still would not tell where Billito was.
I grabbed up the children, and fled to Paulita Maxwell's Residence.
I was in tears, saying "They will kill us, They will kill us, if we don't say where Billito is!"
I was frightened but resolute.
Thereafter, we rebuilt things, and was donated the canned goods that we lost.
The men stayed outside our residence with shotguns if Pat were to try to return.
When Billito returned home, saw me injured, and noticed that there were changes in our home, he asked what had happened, and I tearfully told him.
He was frightened, concerned, and angry.
He swore to kill Pat and his men if they ever came near Ft. Sumner again.
Billy had even more reason to hate Pat Garrett for turning against him now.
One by one, the Regulators were killed or left the territory for a more settled life.
Billy was the only one left, and we were trapped by circumstances of misunderstandings, confusion and sensational stories made up by the media about him.
Hereafter, Billy was a Livewire.
Finally, Billito was ambushed. The night Billito died, I was expecting our fourth child, Pedro. I was 5 moths along.
We changed our ways that we met and our entire routine to evade the law and to throw off those who would follow us. I had the Wagon packed for the long trip to Mexico, as we were going to leave the next morning.
We were staying at the home of Celsa Guttierrez that night. This is where Billy left hi Gun, Gun Belt, and Hat and Boots that night.
We met in the Peach Orchard for some Romance before we had to get supper. Billy had just completed his last day on the job as a Hand for Pete Maxwell.
We then went our seperate ways. I went to the Kitchen, he went the back way, and met me there.
Our children exclaimed "Papi! Papi! You're back!" They hugged him, and he scooped them up in one arm, held me in the other.
We talked in hushed tones, so as to not let anyone catch onto our plans.
I handed Billito a knife, so as to go get some Beef from a steer that had been killed that day, that was hanging on the North Porch.
It was the final ingredient in the meal that I was preparing.
I also told Billito that Senor Maxwell was in our Hacienda's Bedroom, as I was helping him with a cure, since he was not feeling so well.
Billito told me that he would go to say goodbye, and get our Overnight Bag that I had left in our Closet.
Upon going out, Billito heard a scream coming form the Direction of our Hacienda, thinking that I had been grabbed, and was being roughed up, he went to investigate, and into the trap set for him by Pat Garrett and his me he fell.
The rest is History.
In my later years, of that lifetime, I watched our children grow, and celebrated Billito's life and passing.
in 1881, our Hacienda was Burned to the Ground, in 1904, a Flood washed it away, in 1908, a Twister hit the Lubbbock, TX home where I was living with Son Pattrocinio and Family, destroying our home, and erasing all trace of any record of my life then. I returned to Ft. Sumner, NM later that year, and then another Twister hit, destroying the last of what was left. (What little there is is Census Records), kept at Santa Fe and ABQ.
I was thankful to leave that lifetime to try to go to Billito in the Spirit Realm. Upon getting there, I found him to not be there.
I was restless, and decided to come back to try to locate him in the Physical Realm and to complete some business that will now be my Book and an accompanying Cookbook.
These are my Memories.
The entire thing plus more than what I have listed here will be at my Group Site.

July 20th, 2006, 05:44 PM
Nice story. You might want to do a little more research and make sure your dates match the historical record.

Your claim is that you, in a past life, married William Bonney, aka Billy the Kid:

We announced our Impending Marriage at a Social and Baile at Ft. Sumner, NM, but quietly, as Billito was an Outlaw.
Soon, we were married by Father Anida, of the Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Rosa, NM. on February 11, 1871. (I have this written record in my posession).

In February of 1871, historical records place Billy and his mother firmly in Kansas, near Wichita to be more precise, and he would have been around 10 - 12 years old. They didn't move out west until August 1871.

You also state that prior to the wedding in Feb. 1871, Billy took you to meet his mother and stepfather in Silver City. Catherine McCarty and William Antrim (Billy's mother and stepfather) didn't marry until March 1, 1873, in Santa Fe. They didn't move to Silver City until late March - early April.

Also, you say he was an outlaw in 1871, yet his first arrest wasn't until Sept. 23, 1875 - he was arrested for stealing laundry.

In addition, there are no records of Billy ever having been married. If you are in fact in possession of a marriage record of Billy the Kid, why not share it with historians? I'm sure they'd love to see it.

Again, nice story, nice try, but it falls far short of the mark on credibility.

July 21st, 2006, 02:14 AM
Again, nice story, nice try, but it falls far short of the mark on credibility.

:lol: :cheers:

July 22nd, 2006, 04:51 PM
Well smote, Trithemius. :cheers:

My personal jury's still out on the idea of past lives, but I definately don't get why people simply fabricate them (and a lot of the other stuff around paranormal things lately) so much. I mean, what's the point?

July 22nd, 2006, 05:29 PM
My personal jury's still out on the idea of past lives, but I definately don't get why people simply fabricate them.
Not everyone had an awesome, century-breaking, Ferdinand-slaying past life like you. :)

July 22nd, 2006, 06:23 PM
Since Abrana Garcia and Billy the Kid had a child together, why is it that all of your encounters involve Billy and not your son?

I do believe in past lives and reincarnation, but am always suspicious when people 'remember' so much of their past lives. Imagination and wishful thinking have to come into play.

July 22nd, 2006, 06:41 PM
I do believe in past lives and reincarnation, but am always suspicious when people 'remember' so much of their past lives. Imagination and wishful thinking have to come into play.

I too believe in reincarnation and past lives and I'm also suspicious when lives remembered are so detailed.
Most people only get snippets or at most general snapshot things.
Example, someone might say: "I was a male soldier in WW2, I died in a fire."
"I was in ancient Egypt, a priestess maybe. I remember seeing cats all over. Bast perhaps. I remembered dancing and singing in a temple."

To have memories so detailed makes me wonder. There has to be another element to this. Did you do research about Billy before all of this came to you? Perhaps you were remembering things you read before. That happens. One should then not jump to conclusions about what is data recall and what is a genuine memory.
Were you regressed? People are highly suggestable then. I refeuse to be regressed because I don't think the memories recovered are absoletely true past lives. They could be stuff you read, saw, heard all coming to the sufaces as a "past life"

I've read about ancient Egypt all my life, it's a passion of mine. I believe I've had a live there, a scribe perhaps. But I am skeptical of my own "memories" of that time because it could just be data recall from the billions of books, sites and images I've read and seen over my lifetime.

I don't see how you would benefit from making it all up. I mean past lives are remembered to help you in this life, usually one remembers something that they need to overcome or work on in the present life.
I was killed by strangulation, hanging or suffocation along with fire. I've had nightmares and fears since I was a child about it, I remember staying awake all might when I was 4 making sure I was still breathing. It's something that haunts me. This would be something that one would need to overcome...which I have yet to do.

I'm not accusing you of lying, but I don't believe all of it. It reads too much like a history report or historical RPG or story. Sorry.

July 22nd, 2006, 06:48 PM
Well. Uh, found this in another thread:

Would like to get a Natal Chart Reading done for a Book that I am writing.
There are going to be two of them for the 1800's.
1.) Abrana Garcia
D.O.B.: 12 -14 - 1854
Location: Canyon de Chelly, AZ.
Time: unknown
2.) William H. Bonney
D.O.B.: 9 - 18 - 1859
Location: 5 Points, Queens, New York City, NY.
Time: Unknown
I would like to be able to do a comparative analysis on thier Charts to see how compatible they were and to see if I can compare it also to my own natal chart.
Much thanks and appreciation for any assistance with this given.

By book, do you me fictional or some "I remembered my past life" book with your memories and accounts?
Just curious, cause we I saw that other thead [http://www.mysticwicks.com/showthread.php?p=2694147#post2694147] it make me think you're just making it all up for a book.
I'm just a little confused is all.

July 22nd, 2006, 08:05 PM
Well smote, Trithemius. :cheers:

My personal jury's still out on the idea of past lives, but I definately don't get why people simply fabricate them (and a lot of the other stuff around paranormal things lately) so much. I mean, what's the point?

Thanks. :)

I wish I knew. Some people are looking for attention, some get off on jerking people's chains, and still others honestly believe the stuff they say. You should see some of the things people post on other paranormal forums. I've seen claims of encounters with mermaids, werewolves, pariedolia-filled fairy photos, supposed run-ins with vampires (the genuine undead type, not wannabes), people who think they are vampires (the genuine undead type, not wannabes), the list goes on and on.

I'm waiting for Abrana to come back and explain the inconsistencies between her account of Billy the Kid and the proven historical record.

July 22nd, 2006, 08:09 PM
I don't believe that we're meant to know everything about our past lives...there would just be too much emotional baggage and we could be caught up so much in the past life that we don't really live in the present one.

Besides, I'm a Hellenic Reconstructionist (wow, that's the first time I said that! It's rather new to me) and in my path Eusebeia or piety is very important. Part of that piety means that what happens after death isn't really all that important, it is how we choose to behave in this life that matters. This is very important to me..because as much as I believe in reincarnation, I don't want to fall into that trap of beginning a quest of my past lives. Why? Because I know how I am, and know my personality...if I find out just a little bit, I'm like a dog with a bone and I won't let it go. I'd keep pushing and pushing to find out just a bit more...and just a bit more...and come on now, just a little bit more?

And viola! I would no longer be living THIS life. I'd be wasting it worrying about a life that was already spent.

July 23rd, 2006, 08:56 AM
t is an MSN Group that is under construction at current time.

It is S-P-T-B-T-K-H-R-@groups.msn.com

"Society for the Preservation of Truth in "Billy the Kid" History and Research"
It is about a Famed Cousin of mine, Billy the Kid.
I also do Genealogy and Paranormal Studies and I have evidences recorded on paper of my experiences, which I will be posting there.

I thought i remembered reading about abrana talking about being a distant cousin, i've read through the 'articel' and it dosnt mention family ties, did you know your were a cousin or did you find this out through your reaserch.

July 23rd, 2006, 09:39 AM
So now Abrana is a cousin of Billy the Kid? She said she was his wife in this cock-and-bull thread.

EDIT: Hmm, not only was she related to/married to Billy the Kid, she also:

I am related to almost every known Outlaw and Outlawress and Lawman of the Old West, I am 9th Great Granddaughter (Lineal) of Statesman, Senator, and Orator, Patrick Henry, I am also related to Thomas Williams, who founded Williams, AZ., Meriwether Lewis, Jeff Davis, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and others.

2ND EDIT: Yet another claim of famous ancestors:

I am a Descendant (Lineally) of a Confederate Soldier, and a Confederate General (Offshoot), My GGG Grandfather, William Lazarus Hardiman Dotson fought for the 4th MS Infantry Regiment, and my Uncle Robert E. Lee, Gen, C.S.A. fought for what they thought was right, and that is what matters to me.

:goodgrief :goodgrief :goodgrief :goodgrief :goodgrief :goodgrief :goodgrief :goodgrief :goodgrief :goodgrief

This is now absolutely ludicrous.

July 23rd, 2006, 11:14 AM
i'm sorry abrana, but if you cannot justify your claims then i am begining to see why you have had trouble on other paranormal sites, most people have an open mind, but we are not stupid, its great if your were the wife of billy the kid, although i have to agree on the detail of your recollections being too much, but you dont seem to know what your were or are.:goodgrief

July 23rd, 2006, 12:54 PM
I don't get it. is this some kind of role playing thing? Or wishful thinking perhaps? I do think that sometimes someone can be so interested in a certain historical figure, that the more they read or research, the more they feel a kinship or a longing to have known that person...which could be dangerous in certain types of personalities. Lines of reality can become blurred, resulting in fantastic claims that don't make any sense to anyone other than the person fantasizing.

So if you were Abrana, who are you in this life? What lessons have you learned? What improvements have you made in this life over the last one? I hope you at least have learned to love a good man on this side of the law.

Because to love a man who willingly slays others, outside of war or justifiable defense of himself or his family, isn't really something to be proud of.

July 24th, 2006, 02:23 PM
He was very handsome, a bit young, but kindly.
You mean this handsome? (http://www.visitortips.com/images/gallery/destinations/usa/new_mexico/ruidoso/fullsize/ruidoso99.jpg) :confused:

July 24th, 2006, 02:31 PM
HA! My goodness, he's very...alluring. 8O

July 24th, 2006, 04:20 PM
You mean this handsome? (http://www.visitortips.com/images/gallery/destinations/usa/new_mexico/ruidoso/fullsize/ruidoso99.jpg) :confused:

Believe it or not, rumor has it he was a real ladies' man. :heybaby:


July 24th, 2006, 11:45 PM
You mean this handsome? (http://www.visitortips.com/images/gallery/destinations/usa/new_mexico/ruidoso/fullsize/ruidoso99.jpg) :confused:

Well we all have to remember the image of beauty changes though time. What was handsome and beautiful then is proably not considered so today.
Ditto for other cultures, what's attractive somewhere else, might be seen as disgusting in another place.
Just saying.
I don't find him attractive, but I bet in his day he was quite the man. :lol:

Ancient Wisdom
July 28th, 2006, 03:27 PM
o....k........ Hum.... Very interesting..... Hey Abrana,........Anything to say about all this?........

July 28th, 2006, 04:34 PM
o....k........ Hum.... Very interesting..... Hey Abrana,........Anything to say about all this?........

The last couple of times I've seen a hoax get profoundly refuted, the person never posted in the Paranormal forum again, even if they hung around MW as a whole. I imagine the same thing's happening here.

July 25th, 2007, 08:12 PM
did anyone else notice that her Spanish was really bad? it should have been "Me llamo Abrana", or "Mi nombre es Abrana."
wait...was she Hispanic, or Native American? (i mean, not that it matters...even if she wasn't Hispanic, she should know quite a bit of Spanish, seeing as she lived with a family named "Garcia"....)