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February 15th, 2002, 11:23 PM
I have seen so many beautiful capes for sale both online and in shops, however they all exceed our limited budget, so I want to attempt to make them. I found a pattern today and i thought of making them in velvet. I wanted to know do you think i should use some gold and silver fabric paint to paint symbols on the cloth? and what symbols would you use? i was thinking pentacles and moons - any other suggesstions?
any one else ever done this? any hints or suggestions welcome

blessed be

February 15th, 2002, 11:45 PM
i made my own out of a heavy tweed. it is really heavy , and was a lot of work. wheew!
but i just love it so much. it's like a big wool blanket.:D
i was thinkig about doing velvet and still may, but it gets ruined so easy. with rain, sweat and the like. and it is $35 a yard here
maybe next year:(

February 15th, 2002, 11:54 PM
OUCHHHHHHHHHHHhh that is expensive - thats $70 australian a metre!!!

i have seen it in the local material shops for $15-30 Oz ie $7.5-15 US but next weekend we hope to go about 20miles away where there is a large vietnamese community (for those of you who know Sydney its called Cabramatta) where material is much cheaper - i got the material for my wedding dress there 2yrs ago for $25 metre where as the local shops had it for $80 metre

February 15th, 2002, 11:59 PM
yes, thats when i'll make mine when i get a good deal. also i keep looking at second hand stores. i got some sweet potato color velvet last year bout 2 yards.

February 16th, 2002, 02:19 AM
there are at least a couple threads buried in this forum alone on
capes. I would do a search, narrow it to arts and craft forum.
and start from there. also, if you are good at sewing, I wouldnt
paint on the cloth, I would sew the images with patches or

February 16th, 2002, 02:42 AM
Another fabric suggestion would be panne`. If you want that velvet look but, something that would have a more practical use. Panne is what most of the "velvet" capes you see are made of anyway. It's machine washable and not nearly as fussy a material as velvet though it can be a pain to sew sometimes. Good luck.. it's fun!
Ravens Nest Incense & Oils

February 16th, 2002, 04:11 AM
thanks for the fabric suggestions Ravensnest
i am lousy at embroidery which is why i was thinking of painting the designs on

i did do a search on the topic of capes flar and didnt come up with much that was relevant - certainly not in the arts and crafts section

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what did i do wrong in the search? lol
i will try again

February 17th, 2002, 05:49 AM
oops, here...I *bumped* a thread in "just talk" called something
and capes..dang, I forgot title of thread!!!:mad: Its in just talk

February 19th, 2002, 04:13 AM
thanks flar i went and found the other thread
but no one has answered my question about using fabric paint on the material or what symbols they would use
thats fine i will just have to go experiment

blessed be

February 19th, 2002, 04:27 AM
What color could determine the symbols. black or dark blue would
seem more inclined for stars, pentacles/pentagram, moons,
thaumaturgic circles. Green or off green(or any nature colors)
would go well with leaf patterns, maybe footprints?(wolves), birds
in flight, moon(again), sun. Red would seem to be fire based with
volcano, naked flame, candle, sun(again). Blue or lt blue would go
with water, fish(careful if you dont want to confuse with christian
symbol) seahorses, ocean waves, trident, scales(fish)...thats all
I can think of right now. ;)

February 19th, 2002, 05:14 PM
I think it depends on which material you're going to use.. If it's a velvet, or velvet look-alike, I wouldn't use fabric paint myself (it doesn't look all that great, if you ask me :() I would rather find some bits of different materials (if you sew often, perhaps you have some scraps in different colours) and cut stars and moons out of that and sew them onto the cape. :)

February 21st, 2002, 06:42 PM
Hey Scarlettvixen,

I don't really have a suggestion for what to paint on your cloak (which sounds wonderful, by the way! :D ) but I do suggest buying a bit of the fabric you are interested in and painting on it first rather than painting symbols on your already-made cape! I'm sure you figured this out already, but I thought I'd mention it just in case. I'd hate to have you put all that work into your cape and then not be happy with the detailing! 8O


February 21st, 2002, 08:42 PM
I agree with what Wyrdsister said.
I'd do a practice picture on another piece of fabric that's scrap, to make sure you like your design, before you place it onto the real thing. I'd also practice on a scrap of the velvet, or velvet-like stuff, to make sure the paint flows and looks the way you want it to.
For symbols, I'd go with what you think is best. If you feel a pentacle and moon would be fitting, use it. If you'd rather use a dragon or a spider web, paint that instead. The symbols are a personal thing, so, it really should be left up to you.
For colors, I would say make sure they don't clash, and stay away from using complementary colors, unless you like the effect they give.
As for paints, I did a quick search on google, and the brand I saw listed was, Tulip Soft Brushable fabric paint. I'm sure there are many more brands, however.
My guess is, if you look on the backs of the bottles, it should tell you if the paint is compatible with your chosen fabric.

February 22nd, 2002, 04:16 AM
Thanks for the ideas guys
I had intended to give it a trial run on scrap before i tried on the capes but thanks for thinking of it for me!

I was looking at some cross stitch patterns the other day and found a gorgeous celtic strip design - now i am toying with bordering the capes with that

still not sure about what i want to put on the central back of the capes

ohh did i mention i am making 2? one for my self and one for my husband

sort of thinking a dragon motif on the central back for his
just cant think what i want for mine

as for colours of the material - probably either a deep bottle green or a maroon or plum colour - depends what fabric we can find and buy

if and when i ever get them made i will post a picture
this project is still very much in the planning stages

blessed be
thanks for the suggestions