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September 29th, 2006, 07:43 AM
Just a short story I wrote for VCE exams I wanted to share. It was a meditation/dream I had a few years back that inspired me.

Blue, pink, orange. I watch the colours swirl around me, feeling their energy against me as they brush across my skin. I find myself walking through a healthy field of long grass, the blades of green gently tickling my bare calves as I walk forward. Birdsong flutters along the sticky breeze as it blows past, gently knotting my hair carelessly. A solitary tree stands ahead, its weathered branches spread wide over the edge of a pristine lake. I take up residence against its thick trunk, feeling the grain of the bark through the thin, washed out fabric of my clothing. The birdsong runs through my head, though the birds were nowhere to be seen and I glance around, marveling at the paradise around me. Awe.

Looking down at myself I frown. In such a place of natural beauty, with its sparkling body of water, this strong standing sycamore with its vast umbrella of multi-faceted emerald leaves and the melted buttercup sun, I surely do not belong in. I am too boring, too plain and insignificant to be here and I begin to feel self-conscious, tugging nervously at the stretched and ragged neckline of my dress. My old, mundane, washed out, dirty dress.

Hesitantly, slide my palms down to my thighs and draw a sharp breath inwards, adrenaline beginning to lap at my nerves. My hands look warn, old and a little grey as I look at them quivering nervously at the hem. I close my eyes briefly and slowly let the breath out. I gingerly curl my fingers around the edge and quickly, as if afraid I'd change my mind, tug upwards bringing the ugly piece of clothing off my body as if it were a disease. Throwing it over my shoulder, without so much as a glance backwards, I run towards the lake, it's cool blueness calling to me as if each ripple were alive, every current, a string of sentence said to my name.

The cool water splashes at my feet as I run in past the waters edge and plunge myself into the wet bliss about me. The water is pleasantly cool against my bare skin, embracing me as I gently move beneath its surface. I slide through my aquatic surrounds, looking at the sandy, weed spotted bottom as the sun makes prismatic patterns on its grainy surface. Giving my legs a hard kick, I burst through the liquid surface, water splashing in a fountain array, my head thrown back, my eyes closed to the hot sun above me. For a moment, I watch the black blotches squirm around, making random pattern against the bright flesh coloured backing of my eyelids. They remind me of cells, dividing. Dividing to create a new life life to replace those that die.

As gravity gently eases me back into the water to my rounded shoulders, I smile. I smile a genuine smile, flashing my teeth at the almost-unfurnished scene before me.
All around me I see glowing colour, though my eyes remain closed. The blue lake, looking as if it was hiding the sun underneath its surface and the tall-standing sycamore glowing a soft shade of orange with its sparkling green leaves. I push myself back towards the bank in a leisurely manner, basking in the blissfully hot sun.

Im not alone.
Pulsing at my hips, up my sides, across my back, rising through my body to my shoulders. Leaning back gently, I come to rest on the warm flesh of a bare chest and I close my eyes and smile. My heartbeats quicken as I feel the firmness of a mouth come down embracing my neck. My hands gently rise to the owner of those lips at my throat and my fingers curled adoringly in his damp locks. His mouth lifts, and my eyes flutter open as I turned to look at my associate, slightly flustered. My lips part in a silent gasp and I face into a pair of burnt sienna eyes. His features curvilinear and supple across his cadaverous face, his lips slender and slightly rough, which naturally set into a slightly roguish grin above his stubbly chin. I look at the livid dark hair woven around my fingers so shiny. It hangs loosely in damp curls, which sit attractively along his forehead. A distinct quiver runs through my body as his sienna eyes heed my own dusky pair of brown and he embraces me gently.

The spectrum of colours gleefully intensifies as his hands get a feel for my body. Bolts of delight whiz straight through my nervous system to my head as I dazedly watch his beautiful hands slide across my stomach in awe at the pale blue trail of light it left behind. My skin tingles deliciously from his touch and I inwardly smile as his mouth urgently greeted mine in a firm kiss. I slide my other arm up around his neck, locking my fingers together behind his head to keep him as close as possible. His mouth is so warm I could be devoured by him without a trace of an argument. An absolute blissful surrender.

Uncontrollably, as my head gently rolls backwards, the almost inaudible gasp that presses out my mouth brings a soft chuckle from him, which caused his lips to vibrate lightly against my bare collarbone where it now lay. I force my head back forward and gazed curiously into his endless dark eyes. They look so deep and warm with their coffee-coloured iris, speckled with tiny flecks of amber stars that seemed to glow like everything else around me. Unable to stop myself, I move in to inquire his mouth with my own. As our lips hold each other's, my mind turns cartwheels as his hands smoothly exploring me and mine instinctively returning the favor - running up his bare torso to rest, quivering, at his broad shoulders.

As our kiss breaks, he mumbles softly into my hair, though I can't catch his breathless words. His voice is mellow and hushed against my temple. Momentarily, he lifts me and pulls me onto his lap and I wrap my legs around his waist, the drenched fabric of his pants the only surface between us. My lips curve into a blissful grin and I move in, pressing myself against him. I dazedly drape my arms around his neck I plant an amiable kiss on his throat before affectionately nuzzling into the crook of his neck, vaguely murmuring something about pinks and blues.