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October 16th, 2006, 03:19 PM
Last year, on October 17th, I posted in another forum that I had a dream about a large earthquake in Hawaii, causing houses to slide off the hilltops into the ocean. I posted the thread because it felt like quite a few other dreams that I have had, where important parts of the dreams became reality, or *came true*. I just wanted to post it and see if the feeling was right.

Well, there was a large earthquake in Hawaii yeasterday. I guess the last one they had that strong was 20 years ago.

I wonder if this is mere coincidence, or *another* instance of this dream premonition stuff.

By the way, I don't feel like this is a fun kind of *talent*. Some other dreams I have had contained images that were very disturbing, to me, where I later found out this is what really had happened. I was sickened at the images, really, but I don't wish for this *gift* to go away.

Any comments for me, or suggestions. It really is a strange feeling, when things happen like I see them.

October 16th, 2006, 03:56 PM
i wish there was something that i could say to you, but the only thing i can think of ; 'youre gift being this curse, and this curse being your gift'
doesnt exactly answer your questions does it.
all i can say, is that you must learn to live with this, and be at peace with it-embrace it to understand it.
take care. and im sorry that this answer is so useless.

eternal blessings to you.