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November 1st, 2006, 11:52 PM
Our daughter, hannah's hampster died tonight. Im not exactly when he died today,but I went to open his cage and saw that he wasnt moving,and was sleeping outside of the tube we had gotten him. I saw that he had chewed on the tubing,but im not sure if thats what killed him. Im assuming if he ate enough of it it could have. poor guy.. he's the 2nd hampster of ours to die in the past 2 months. The first our dog killed,as hannah had let him out without telling us.. we placed locks on the cages to protect them. This time it looks like natural causes.. we placed him in a box and decorated it,and were going to bury him outside in the morning.
My mother in law told me to put him in the trash,but I dont feel comfortable just throwing him away,when he was a pet who was loved. Plus I want hannah to be able to say goodbye.. we didnt tell her about the other hampster and replaced it,and I know now that it was the wrong thing to do..

November 1st, 2006, 11:56 PM
That's too bad... :(

do you know what the tube was made of?
(if he was eating plastic or something I could see it being a problem...)

I'm glad you and Hannah are going to bury her pet.
No matter what happened before.
I think it's the right thing to do, and she'll probably learn from it.

Sorry to hear about it though.

May your family be surrounded with comfort + peace.

November 2nd, 2006, 12:28 AM

Against The Tide
November 2nd, 2006, 05:19 AM
My girlfriend lost three hamsters in the last 6 months - Shes had a very bad run of luck (first two were natural causes the last I had to put out of its misery as she kept chewing her legs and tail to the point they were comming off). I'm sorry for your family's loss but there is no better way at getting a child to understand death than with familly pets :hugz:

November 2nd, 2006, 05:50 AM
I had one that choked on a hamster pellet. Sometimes you can't help what they do.
Blessings and peace to the hamster and your daughter.

November 2nd, 2006, 12:32 PM
I think it will be good for hanna to know that death happens, but that the hamster isn't in pain and will be burried. I would wait a while before getting any more pets like this. AT least until she is older and can really enjoy one. You say you have a dog, that should be plenty for now.

You have a baby on the way right? That will be plenty to keep track of. If Hanna asks about another one, let her know that you want to wait a few years so the animal can get the right amount of attention.

November 2nd, 2006, 02:03 PM
:hugz: I'm sorry to hear you've lost a pet. Its also hard when one of our furry friends leaves us. I think it is a great idea to have Hanna involved with burying her pet, no animal should just be thrown away.

November 2nd, 2006, 02:37 PM
I'm so sorry that Hannah's hamster died. I love ham hams, they are adorable. We've had them in the past, and I miss them terribly.

Hugs and condolences to the whole family. :hugz:

November 2nd, 2006, 05:03 PM
I'm sorry. :hugz: I'm glad you are burying him, though.

November 2nd, 2006, 05:30 PM
Thanks all :)
Yes,the tubing was plastic and I think he might have died from that. We had one in the other hampsters cage,which I removed just in case.

My daughters been really upset about him dying. She has been ill tonight and had been sick to her stomach,and she kept crying out for him and telling me she misses him :(