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November 29th, 2006, 02:57 PM
It took me a while before I chose which section to start a thread on Gnosticism in. As you can see, I chose the Ceremonialists folder because I feel Gnosticism is most closely aligned to the ideals. Some may say it would fit better into the Christian folder, but, a large percentage of Gnostics are not Christians and I didn't want to leave them out of this discussion.

I started this thread so we can discuss Gnosticism as a religious experience and as a path.

Personally, I am a Gnostic Witch. I am a practicing Witch who expresses herself in a very Gnostic way. The creation of my 'magick' is rooted in Gnostic Thought...and ultimately, in gnosis.

I am monotheistic. I see the Pleroma as The Divine and acknowledge that we are all part of that Divine. I see the Gods and Goddesses as aspects of The Divine -- The Pleroma. I believe we all carry that Divine Spark and that it is important for us to always remember that -- despite the distractions in the physical world.

I subscribe to the thoughts in Thelema relating to The True Will. Our "True Will" can never conflict with the Will of The Divine as they are one and the same. Our goal here is to express our True Wills so The Divine can simply 'experience'.

This is a starting outline of my experience as a Gnostic Witch. I would love to hear from others who are following as similar path and get some productive conversations going here!

Tara :)