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December 22nd, 2006, 03:11 PM
Hey Guys! Just have a few things I need to ask concerning your particular path...Ive been following alternative spirituality for several years now and although I find the Gods and Goddesses of mythology a highly interesting and colourful bunch, I just can't seem to connect to them, with reference to prayer, meditation, etc. my link to them seems to be purely in the academic field and this is letting my spirituality suffer. I was brough up a Christian yet turned against the idea of organised religion a while ago, i didnt like going to church and repeating what was written down for me to talk to God and Mary etc...I wanted a personal relationship with them not through priests and sacrements.
For this reason I thought eclectic Paganism would work better,yet it hasnt worked out for me, after several years of searching I feel like Im ready to return to a PART of my original faith...yet that most definitely will not involve attending service every sunday!!!I love aspects of Wicca and Witchcraft and want to keep them but blend it with a personal relationship with God, Jesus et al.
I was curious to see how exactly Christian Witchcraft operates...the Most burning question I have is how do you relate to the Divine feminine?x

February 8th, 2007, 04:07 PM
I relate to the divine feminine in thinking of her as God as Mother, or Christ as Mother (Julian of Norwich spoke of Christ as a spiritual mother who gives Her children spiritual milk--this milk metaphor has been used in letters in the New Testament, but i can't remember which specific ones, sorry), or thinking about Jesus comparing Himself to a mother hen who wants to gather her chicks under her wings. With all the references to "second birth" and being "born again" in Christianity (James, John ch. 3, etc.) it's amazing that the idea of God as Mother isn't a little more widespread or accepted in Christianity--after all, who gives birth to a baby? The mother, not the father!

Okay, now that i read your post a little more, i think the following may be more helpful: As far as prayer is concerned, I sometimes pray thinking of God as my caring Mother, in fact, sometimes i think of myself as a baby in Her arms.
Personally, the whole "mothering" image is reinforced for me by imagery of baptism. I've heard that touching holy water as a remembrance of baptism is a part of some Christians' spiritual practice, though i have a hunch that it's less common in Protestant churches...in fact, i belong to a protestant church and most churches i've been to are protestant, and there they don't seem to have a practice of touching holy water. In fact, the first time i ever heard of the practice of touching holy water was in my course on Christian Witchery! personally, this is a practice i'm sort of interested in and want to find a way to do.

i hope something in my above ramblings was helpful...

February 9th, 2007, 07:20 PM
While I'm still learning about Christian Magick, I've been thus far worshipping God as both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Some Christian witches believe that the Divine Feminine actually comes in the form of the Holy Spirit, as Sophia, the wisdom of God.

February 22nd, 2007, 06:17 AM
Interjecting a point here, going to church every Sunday is not required
to walk the path of Jesus. Neither is reading off written prayers, etc.

To follow the path of Jesus you merely need to accept His gift of

As to using magik on this path.. I could not do so.
Tried it, found that it was not going to be tolerated by my Saviour.

March 23rd, 2007, 11:27 AM
I actually had the same exact problem. It is definitely hard for someone who has practiced a monotheistic religion to change to polytheism. The way I dealt with the issue was to think of God not as a single person(for lack of a better term) but as a divine force that is neither masculine nor feminine. I think I adapted this view from Taoism.

Then again, it's not so hard for me to accept the multiple gods and goddesses of pagan religions because I was first and foremost a pagan--then a Christian.

Good luck!

April 1st, 2007, 08:13 AM
Christo-paganism can be a hard path to walk. I started as a Christo-pagan and henotheist, (someone who believes in many gods but only worships one) for much the same reasons as well. These days I'm a polytheist with the trinitarian Yahweh as my primary deity. I'm learning magic primarily related to healing because I have a strong call to teach and to heal. I don't actually see magic as being against my personal relationship with Jesus and I understand the biblical scriptures against it as different from most.

Some of the females who are sometimes seen as the divine feminine include Mother Mary, Mary Magdelene, Sophia, and Asherah.