View Full Version : Craft Fairs

March 28th, 2002, 12:05 AM
Anyone sell stuff at them?

I would, except I don't have anything to sell (not now anyway ;))
I'm just getting real excited about the big spring one that's coming up in 2 weeks. :T Yay hooray!

March 31st, 2002, 01:48 AM
I used to. Your success at them depends a lot on the type of craft fair & your product. I've done some pretty high end fancy shows where your products have to be juried. As well, fun ones at my son's school and a touristy places like farmer's market. I have to make sure that my products suits the type of buyers at each fair. It's good to have a good selection of stuff in all price range. I like to make a list of things I will need. Lunch, gum & munchies & water bottle - in case it gets busy & I can't get away. Pen, pencils, calculator, paper, scissors, tape, staples, felt pens. A good cash float.

Another thing I do before the show is to arrange my table at home as a trial run. That way, I can see how everything would look. Do I need to raise some of my products to show them off better? Are my signs big enough? Etc...

No matter how I do at them, I love doing them! It's a great place to meet people interested in crafts & stuff that I'm interested in. I always have fun & make lots of new friends.