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February 9th, 2007, 01:04 AM
Dear Reader,

Welcome to our fifteenth issue of Copper Moon E-zine. We have lots of great stuff in store for you! For starters we've nabbed an interview with Author Deborah Lipp! She chats with frequent contributor Abel regarding her intial exposure to Wicca, her writing, and how the pagan community has changed.

Five compelling articles will satisfy your thirst for knowledge on a diverse set of topics. You'll definitely want to read Dealing With Real Hate by Shadow, as well as a different perspective from Dobhair about Witchcraft. And just in time for Valentine's Day, Abel's Simple Spells for Love.

Click over to the both book review sections to read about the latests titles and if they are worth your hard earned money! In this issue RedRaven reviews the updated version of Amber K's popular beginner book, TRUE MAGICK.

Don't forget we run quarterly around the change of seasons. Visit us again for our 2007 Spring issue! Please enjoy Copper Moon and consider submitting an article for our next issue! The deadline is April 15, 2007. Issue will be published first week in May.

What's In This Issue?

Author, Deborah Lipp

Page One
Has Myspace helped or hurt the Wiccan community? - By Lady Silvermoon
Simple Spells for Love - By Abel R. Gomez
Dealing With Real Hate - By Shadow

Page Two
Why My Witchcraft is Not Religion - By Dobhair
Witch Tips - By Weyland Smith

Book Reviews
True Magick by Amber K
Reviewed by RedRaven

Gwinevere's Reviews Coming Soon!

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Author of Spellcraft for Teens, Moonbeams & Shooting Stars and Confessions of a Teenage Witch and Assistant Editor, RedRaven