View Full Version : Odd lights, low sounds cause stir

February 18th, 2007, 09:28 AM
This happened just this past week in Maine.

"They were seeing, basically, a string of seven or eight lights low in the sky, that were fixed," he said. "There (were) also reports of jet engine noise low to the ground." One person who called worked with jet airplanes, Hoyt said. "They were not like any lights he had ever seen." Some people said they looked like stars.

Hoyt called a Federal Aviation Administration office in Boston, which monitors air traffic in this part of New England, wondering if what people saw and heard could be related to military exercises.

"They said the only air traffic was a couple of routine air flights at 40,000 feet," he said.

Link to article (http://www.sunjournal.com/story/199131-3/Franklin/Odd_lights_low_sounds_cause_stir/)