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March 30th, 2007, 01:26 PM
Mother Faery came up with an idea to introduce ourselves to each other which I think is a nice idea. So here goes this is a bit about me.

name: Wulfcwen

where your from:
I am from Milton Keynes in England

53 years ( A Crone)


why are you taking this class:
I'm not I am trying to organise it LOL I wanted to pass on what I know and thought this would be a nice way of doing just that.

A bit about yourself:
I am happily married to my second husband. I have a cat named Jet and she is the boss lol. I have a few health and mobility problems but I will not let that stop me doing things. I may take three times as long as others to get things done but I get there in the end.
I love reading, gardening, cooking, and learning new things.

March 30th, 2007, 03:02 PM
Hi! My name is Isilriel, I知 36 years old, happily married, no children, and have one lovely kitten named Diana.

I知 currently working on my thesis for an MBA (Master痴 in Business Administration), and I also have Clinical Psychology (BA) and Law (JD) Degrees. Yes, I do love learning, a lot, although I think I知 done with the formal education after this one. :p

I知 taking this class because I got married just last year and have become more interested in the keeping of hearth and home, as well as discovering that I just love cooking for my husband. If I can somehow incorporate all of that into my magical practice, make new friends and learn something new along the way then it痴 definitely worth it for me.

Oh! And I知 from the USA. :)

March 30th, 2007, 04:21 PM
Hello! My name is Crysiira and I'm from the US as well (south central Wisconsin to be exact). I'm 21, engaged, and a student. I consider that to be my occupation as I don't get much out of my customer service job except a bit of a paycheck. lol.

I got interested in green and kitchen witchery fairly recently, in the past year or so. I've always loved growing plants, but took it for granted living with my parents and having a yard and all. When I started moving from tiny apartment to tiny apartment, I started missing all the green, so I started getting very into growing my own indoor plants, flowers, and herbs. Well, one thing led to another and I wanted to incorporate my herbs and such into our food... which slowly evolved into an interest in kitchen witchery -- odd, as I never liked to cook before!! lol.

As for a little about myself... Oh, I don't know. I consider myself a painter, though I never really expect to make any money off my artwork. I like to write but I don't expect to make money off that either. I just like to create for myself, basically. And I love studying paganism and all its different forms, and incorporating almost everything I do into my spirituality.

That's about it, I guess. :hahugh:

March 30th, 2007, 05:10 PM
My name is Caitlin and I'm from southern Indiana. I'm 18 and also engaged, lol. I'm in my last year of highschool and I work at a local department store after school.

I am taking this class because I have been interested in Green and Kitchen witchcraft for a little over a year now. I don't always get a lot of time to study or research those paths which I'm interested in so I thought this class would be a good way to learn about kitchen witchcraft at least. I am always willing to learn new things, and although the most cooking I do is making pancakes or heating up a microwave meal, I'm hoping this class will awaken within me a greater interest in cooking. I'm also hoping that I can take what I learn in this class and apply it to other areas of the home, such as cleaning and making sacred space.

Jade Moon
March 30th, 2007, 06:11 PM
My turn?

name: mother_faery (aka Jaymie)

where your from:
Louisiana (USA)

30, eek, I still haven't gotten used to saying that!

Well, I have am an RN and I have worked off and on as a labor and delivery nurse for about 5 years. I am slowly obtaining a second degree in history and philosophy and "when I grow up" I would like to be a college professor. For now, I stay quite busy taking care of my three kids (girls ages 8 and 10, and a boy age 5) and I help my husband out with his restaurant business. I am also taking care of my ailing mother. So, in my free time (LOL) I am on MW!

why are you taking this class:
Well, I love to bake and create things in the kitchen. Growing up, life always seem to revolve around food and cooking. I am always trying new things (some successful, some, not so much). I also love to grow plants and herbs and incorporate that into my cooking and health. So, I'm here hoping to learn some new things, improve my skills, and learn to make my work more spiritual. I'm also hoping to meet some new friends, too!

A bit about yourself:
I think I kinda summed it up already. What else is there.....I love to read and write. I also have fibromyalgia, so I have good days and bad, but I try not to let it get me down.

March 30th, 2007, 06:28 PM
name: Glory a.k.a Sam :)

where you're from:
Tricky question! I was born in Brisbane, but I lived for most of my life in Perth, then moved to NZ for the last few years, so take your pick!


Student, majoring in Media and Film.

why are you taking this class:
You know, I have no idea. I enjoy cooking, and there's something authentic to me about kitchen witchery. I'd also love to just get myself more interested in using the kitchen.

A bit about yourself:
I'm a writer at heart, and along with that, I love analysing, critiquing, watching and making films. I'm also avidly studying Tarot.

March 30th, 2007, 09:43 PM
name: Evie

where your from: Adelaide, Australia

age: 20

occupation: Part time uni student - Teaching degree with majors in the histories and a minor in Japanese

why are you taking this class: I've been getting more and more domesticatedly inclined lately and though that this course would compliment that nicely. I like cooking and gardening, but am quite bad at it.

A bit about yourself: Dianic Pagan (almost stereotypically so) and unattached. Currently struggling with health problems but getting there I suppose. Main interests include history and literature but my current passion is for photography.

April 1st, 2007, 06:20 PM

where your from:
I am from Norfolk in England

43 years

Currently enjoying a career break and waiting to see where the path takes me next.

why are you taking this class:
As I am now at home the course seemed appropriate plus I can use all the help I can get in the kitchen - my other half must think he's holy by now by the number of burnt offerings that I have placed before him :)

A bit about yourself:
I am happily unmarried to my partner Lee, living in a beautiful part of the world with wonderful views of enormous skies. We moved into our current home a year ago (although we had owned it for a year prior to that - it underwent extensive remodelling) and I am looking forward to making a start on the garden this year - can't wait for my herb garden and veggie patch. I am recovering from CFS/ME but am now over the worst (fingers crossed) so I feel as though I can start getting on with the rest of my life. I am something of a "pick and mix pagan" but verge more towards Traditional/Hedge path - in my previous job I was treated as something like the local wise woman! I am studying courses in crystal healing and aromatherapy (just for my own interest) and have a few more lined up. In my spare time I like to do various handicrafts including crochet, knitting, cross stitching but my main passion is beading. I am a beadaholic (and am just starting to put together a range of therapeutic jewellery for a Mind, Body and Soul Day which is being held locally).

April 1st, 2007, 11:12 PM
Hi all :wave:

name Akewa
age 42
location Tennessee, USA
stay at home wife no kids unless pets count.

I wanted to take this class because I love to cook. Plus I would like to make my kitchen more magical space to work and play in. I have been pagan for 0ver 20+ years starting with dianic witchcraft and running the gamet thru egyptian and celtic wicca to druid and back again. Now I just call myself pagan even thou I am still very dianic and study what I wish. This clas being 1 of the things i like to study.


April 4th, 2007, 10:35 AM
Hey! :wave:

I'm Alex (a.k.a ~NightFire~), I'm 20, & I live in the (currently sunny!:) )South-West of England.
I live with my Mum, (step) Dad, & my 2 younger, half brothers.

I have been interested in Magic for years, but I have only been studying magic (e.g what I'm specifically interested in) for a year & a few months. I would describe myself as a newbie (non-wiccan) Witch & Empath.

I'm currently job-hunting (unforch), & I'll hopefully be going back to college in September to study Social Work.

I am taking this class because I always love learning new things, & because Kitchen Witchcraft interests me-I love to cook, & I would love to make my cooking more magical! :lol:

April 11th, 2007, 11:39 AM
Hello, all! I have been waiting to take classes here for a while but I always seem to miss the mark. I am very grateful to Wulfcwen for letting me join this late in the class. You can call me Piratess.

where your from: Atlanta, GA

age: 25

occupation: I'm a business administrator while I'm trying to graduate with my bachelor's in business.

why are you taking this class: I'm taking this class because I have always been interested in cooking and homemaking, perhaps not from the traditional sense but as a means of creating good energy in my environment and nurturing my creativity and my household with said good energy. After a point I realized how sensitive I was to the chaos of my pack-rat ways, how certain foods were not nurturing to my soul and I started dabbling in feng shui on the side to my magickal endeavours. I have just recently been more aware of kitchen witchery. This class immediately sparked my attention! I live with my boyfriend and our two cats. This is the first time I've permanently lived with another person, instead of having roommates and our own seperate spaces. Integrating has been difficult, both philosophically and physically, but we are both interested in making our apartment our haven due to the stressors we deal with at work and in college.

A bit about yourself: I am a writer, a musician and an artist. I occasionally screen print, knit, make zines, etc. - I have so many interests that I never seem to get beyond the intermediate level of a craft. It is also difficult for me to learn things on my own! I am interested in taking my sewing machine out of the box and learning to use it but I am so intimidated! I recently was screened for cancer and the doctors found precancerous cells in my intestines so I have become more concerned about eating better and learning to relax more. I love fantasy novels/movies, dandies, animals, vegetarian cuisine, pen pals, etc. I consider myself to be an Eclectic Wiccan.