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April 5th, 2007, 09:14 AM
Blessings and Chants

So what is a blessing well it is a way of asking for protection and care. So you are asking for the items to be protected by your chosen deity. This is the blessing I used you are free to use this if you like altering the name of my deity for yours.
You will be using these later on.

Cupboard Blessing
'Beloved Erce Goddess of the Harvest, Witchcraft and Peace,
Earth Mother, Goddess of the Seas.
Bless my cupboards on the walls
Bless the cupboards upon my floors
Bless them now one and all
Bless them now and forever more
Blessed Be'.

Counter Chant
'Goddess this counter I now clean
Will look the best its ever been.
For like the altar it will be
A sacred place for you to see'.

Appliance Blessing
'Beloved Erce I come to you
With a heart that is true.
Bless my cooker and every pot,
Bless the appliances that keep things hot.
Bless the washer and processor to
Bless the fridge and freezer as if new
Bless them all so they may be
Used for both mundane and magickly.
Blessed Be'.

Tool Charge
Collect together an asperger (You can make one out of twigs bind them together with some string or yarn) or use your Seax ( Athame), water, incense, salt and a white candle.
Cast your circle in the usual way. Call to the Goddess and God to be present along with the Elements and Powers that be. Place some salt into the water and ask for it to be blessed. Light the candle and incense.
Hold the Asperger in your power hand ( the hand you write with) and walk in a clockwise direction sprinkling some water from the asperger/ Seax (Athame) as you go saying:
'Charge the tools that I use
With the Love that you infuse
Charge them each and every one
So my work will harm none'.
Visualise the tools being charged.
Close the circle giving thanks to the Goddess, God, Powers and Elements

April 5th, 2007, 01:38 PM
All now in my BoS.

They are lovely!