View Full Version : Can you hear them cry?

May 4th, 2007, 07:46 PM
In my mind's eye
I've seen angels die
I've seen daemons fly
In my mind's eye

As I lie in my bed
I can hear the dead
Voices in my head
As I lie in my bed

They are asking me why
They had to die
I can hear them cry
They are asking me why

What answer am I to give them? A strong nation decided a weak nation needs to be saved from itself? That a people decided that the destruction of a country and the birth of a vicious civil war justifies their deaths?

What do I say to the voices of the Sudan? Do I tell them the freedom of Iraq means more than their own plight? Do I tell them that an Iraqi life is worth more than that of the sudanese? That Iraqi freedom is somehow a worthier cause than their own?

What do I say to the children selling their bodies on the streets of Manchester? Do I tell these boys and girls that orphans in Ethiopia are more important than a 14 year old who has to sell her body to pay for drugs?

And if my nation decides to take the money it spends on Ethiopia and spend it on the children living on British streets, what do i say to the starving children of Ethiopia?

Who has the right to judge? Who can say who must live and who must die? Why is one more worthy of salvation and another should be condemed to purgatory? Who made us Gods?

We are a race that, with one hand, will kill for power, greed and the pure joy of killing. yet with the other hand, we would help those less fortunate, sometimes at great personal cost.

Can you hear them cry? How do you choose to ignore or save them?

May 17th, 2007, 07:41 AM
Excellent post.

Personally I'm in a bit of a selfish timeframe right now. Once I get my life in order then I can give consideration to saving the rest.

As to how to choose:

Start within one's own community and work your way out.

I think if everyone were to do that there wouldn't be a need to choose who to help. Everyone would be helped.