View Full Version : The path of the Vargr

May 31st, 2007, 05:33 PM
Today, when you mention the word Vargr it evokes images of werewolves, vampires or bipedal wolf-like creatures, depending on which myths or roleplaying games you know or play.
The word has a far older meaning, in the old tongue of the Norse it meant either Wolf or Outlaw, it was not a title one wished to wear. To be an Outlaw was to reject conventional society and morality, to stand against what society means and to stand outside it's rules and doctrines. Vargr where hunted and hounded, often dying alone in the wilderness, forgotten and abandoned. Some Vargr achieved fame such as Erik the red and his son, for it was these exiles that founded Greenland and later the Norse colony in America.
What does it mean to be a Vargr today? In a world dominated by Christianity and conformity, a world where even many of the Pagan paths are simply Christian ethics and morality repackaged with new Gods. This age is full of fluffy bunnies who have abandoned the older concepts for these modern, make believe ideals that make them feel all warm and fluffy inside. The real world is a world of harsh realities and, yes, pain and suffering. To turn away from these realities and bury one's head in the sand is the act of sheep. It is an act that Humanity seems to have bred itself to do so well.
So what are you, if you reject this modern morality? If you abandon this love affair with wishful thinking? It is a self-imposed exile, a rejection of the world as it has become, to embrace concepts and beliefs far older than your cans of coke and satelite television.
It's a morbid and fatalistic attitude, aye. We live in a world where we watch people die on television, not in movies, but real people on news networks. We live in a world where the most powerful nation has built a concentration camp, where suspicion of a crime warrants arrest and imprisonment without trial. We live in a wolrd where money means more than Human life, a world that is far more savage and harsh than the ages that have gone before. Just our savagery is dishonest, far away and out of sight. We bathe in the light of our civilisation, where our masques and act out our proscribed parts in this grand play. Those who must be enslaved, killed and crushed beneath our boots are far away and easily ignored.
We hide our pain, for it is unmanly to show it in this new age. We ignore the lessons of Odin, the examples of all the heroes that went before us. We do not bear our scars and learn from our pain, we do not embrace the wisdom that comes from it. So we breed weakness and continue to slide into decadence and despair. The old virtues, the old ways may seem grim and barbaric to our modern sensibilities, but look around at what we have created and you will see that by abandoning reality for wishful thinking, we have created a monster.