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June 26th, 2007, 04:55 AM
_tsk_THE RULES_tsk_

Thou shalt not look upon any other teacher as wise(or beautiful, ravishing,...) as I...

OK, OK...Just seein' if you're paying attn.

*eh hem*

Posting of threads (other than I) during this course is prohibited.

Debates, disagreements, etc., are discouraged in public posting, for it disrupts the class. If you wish to debate an idea, opinion, theory, etc. of myself or a student, PLEASE take it to PM. I'll be happy to hear your point of view, and may even "stand corrected", and bring the matter up at a later date. Again, I prefer the class to run smoothly, but also want everyone to know they are free to discuss ANY matter with me IN PRIVATE.

All comments and questions shall remain relevant to the thread the lesson is in. If you are unsure, place it in the general "411" thread.
No public debating of ideas, or opinions with me, or ANY student throughout the duration of this course, except in specific threads where debate, and the exchange of ideas will be allowed, and encouraged. OTW, the lesson goes :fofftopic , and I go...:aburst: . Now we wouldn't that...would we.:flamer:This is NOT Political Pagan. You want to argue? Take it over there.

Of course the same Forum rules apply here as well as any other forum on the Board. Veterans here know this, but I'm sure we have some folks who just flew in. Therefore I advise you to read up on the Community Rules here at MW, ASAP. ;)
No chewing gum, passing notes, gas, etc.,etc., and no making funny faces at the Teacher when her back is turned. ( I'm an Owl, remember. I can turn my head around faster than Linda Blair in "The Exorcist"!)
Finally, I ORDER you to have fun in this class. Or you won't get one of those gold, tinfoil stars that tasted like gross glue, and...blech. I can STILL taste that stuff!