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July 22nd, 2007, 06:25 PM
PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD!!! PM me instead. I will post your characters as they are approved.

character creation guidelines.
1. Male or Female
2. all characters are human
3. there is no magic (though each character will be able to choose ONE special ability from a list that I will provide)
4. choose your basic character background from the list I will provide. you may expand upon them as long as you stay within the guideline, and I have to approve the final character before you post.
5. choose your special ability from the list.
6. choose your belongings from the list.
7. PM your character to me for approval. once things on the lists have been claimed (minus the gear list) I will make a note of it.

July 22nd, 2007, 06:26 PM
character background list.

TAKEN------this person was of noble birth. However when the new government took over the family lost everything. This person did however manage to conceal, and keep a very nice ruby ring.
TAKEN------their father was a weapon smith. They learned as a child how to make the best swords, and own a traveling forge.
TAKEN------this person was the child of a thief. They lived on the street, and had to get by on their wits, as well as the use of some very nice lock picks
their father was a banker, and did very well for the family, until the new government changed the currency. They were left destitute
TAKEN------father was a ships Capitan. This person grew up on the ship, and inherited daddy’s map.
TAKEN------their mother was a prostitute, and father was a ships captain. they decided to follow in their fathers footsteps, they also got their father’s ship
their father was a magistrate. This person was disowned by their father for taking part in the rebellion. They have 20 gold in their pouch
this person was a traveler, they have little combat skill (think traveling performer) they want to experience the world, and carry with them, a spyglass
one or both of their parents were gamblers, and of course they are following in the family tradition. They may be wanting to pay off some debts, or just wanting to skip town
was a farmer who was wrongfully accused of a crime, and was to be hung. They managed to escape, and are now on the lam. (they have nothing…they escaped from prison)
prostitute who heard of treasure hunting, and wants to get rich. They have a string of pearls
TAKEN------child of a missionary. Their parents are on one of the islands. Somehow they got separated, but they have a compass
mother was an island native. Daddy was a sailor. They have gold medallion.
this person is a sailor. When their ship came into port it was seized, the captain and the crew were arrested for piracy. They managed to jump ship before being caught. They only have the items ON THEIR PERSON they have no ship captain or crew currently.
this person was studying to be a doctor/surgeon. They were drafted into the military, and deserted. they carry a healing kit stocked with herbs, and other medical supplies...it is not a neverending kit though!!I will post more available backgrounds if needed. pictures of characters will be available to choose as well in a couple days.

July 22nd, 2007, 06:35 PM
special abilities:

talk to the dead-----taken
talk to animals
see through objects
teleport (line of sight)------- taken
invisibility (no interaction)-----taken
self levitation
super speed..can get tired (and will)
night vision
super flexibility/agility
unnaturally lucky---------taken
unnaturally good shot-----taken
breathe underwater------taken
walk through walls

more will be posted as needed

July 22nd, 2007, 06:53 PM

flintlock pistol
fishing gear
five gold peices (can only be taken once)
sewing kit
whet stone
magnigying glass
clothing (basic change of clothes)
loaf of bread
water skin
arrows (15)/quiver
bullets(15)/black powder

you get to pick 10 items. only 3 weapons. you can have multiples, unless specified otherwise.

July 22nd, 2007, 07:10 PM
pic choices for male characters will go here

July 22nd, 2007, 07:10 PM
more pic choices for male characters will go here. choices for ladies are below (you will have to scroll down).

July 22nd, 2007, 07:32 PM
character for Tech-no-logic

name: Trace

description: 6'3" lithe athletic build, long silver hair, usually kept tied back at the nape of his neck. he has deep blue eyes that look almost black. wearing a pair of black breeches, well worn black boots, folded down just below the knee, a green shirt, and a black leather vest. he also has a coat, though he seldom wears it.

weapons. at his waist he carries a katana, and a flintlock pistol, though he much prefers the sword

gear: backpack, bedroll, pouch, coat, five gold, bullets(15)/powder, change of clothing, flask

special ability: teleport (line of sight)

history: Trace spent almost his entire life at sea with his father, a ship's capitan. he learned many things in his years on board the ship, from fighting, and swordsmanship to mending sails, sailing, and navigation. he feels very at home on a ship, and would rather be there than on dry land. over the years his father, and the other sailors told him tales of great treasures. he never thought much of them until his father was killed, and the ship siezed. before his father died, he told Trace the location of a map, and handed him a small gold figurine in the shape of an exotic cat the likes of which Trace had never seen before, he believed now. armed with the map, and the figurine, Trace sets out looking for a ship, a crew, and revenge.

Debts: Trace owes Astrid 30% of the treasure for safe passage to get it.

July 22nd, 2007, 07:35 PM
character for Pantherbaebe

Name: Astrid Hevsbin
Age: 23
Description: Thick blonde hair, jade green eyes, beautiful face with soft features except for her eyes which seem to pierce through you. Rather busty, and definitely wears clothes that accentuate this. She most often wears a green and gold frock coat over a bodice and skirt that goes to her mid-calves with a big slit, or tight cotton pants. She also wears a black captains hat with a peacock feather.

Weapons: Pocket pistol, strapped to the outside of her left thigh (if a gun would be permitted that is). A cutlass which once belonged to her father, black scabbard and hilt with gold details. A dirk to be kept under her pillow while she slept, just in case of an unwanted night visitor.

History: Her mother was a prostitute, her father was a pirate, the captain of his own ship, The Nightingale. Astrid decided to follow in her father's footsteps instead of her mothers and joined her fathers crew. Her retired mother lives in the slums. Her father died and left his ship and crew to Astrid. A few of the crew didn't like the idea of a female captain, and they now reside at the bottom of the ocean or perhaps within a shark's belly.

Other items: A pouch, waterskin, ship (The Nightingale), bedroll, clothing, bullets (15)/black powder, backpack, a cask of rum

Special ability: Unnaturally lucky

Astrid won 121 gold, 5 silver and 7 copper gambling

gold: 125
silver: 12
copper: 15

Is owed 100 gold by Ravenna for damages done to the Nightingale by the horse known as Twist

Kate owes her 7 throwing knives and assorted cutlery for her crew (to be specified as the game progresses) for passage on the Nightingale

Trace owes her 30% of the treasure for safe passage to go and find it

July 22nd, 2007, 08:19 PM
Anemone’s character:

Name: Kate

Age: late 20’s

Description: long brown hair, usually tied back out of her face. Serious brown eyes, stands about 5’5” and has a slender, but muscular build, and average looks. She could probably arm wrestle most men, and win. She wears a tan shirt, normally with the sleeves rolled up, a brown leather Ferrier’s apron, dark brown riding pants, and well worn brown boots.

Weapons: two swords, may also use the hammer from her forge

Gear: bedroll, coat, change of clothes, whet stone, sewing kit, water skin, and a flute, enough material to make 10 swords, and a couple of daggers

History: her father was the local weapon smith, and a rather good one at that. Never having a son, he taught his daughter his trade. Until she became as good as he was, in her spare time, she learned how to handle the swords, as well as making them. She can also shoe a horse, or make basically anything out of metal. She doesn’t have much use for people, especially after her dealings with the local government. When her father refused to make free weapons for the military (and after he was found supplying weapons to the rebels) he was hung, and his forge seized. Kate managed to get away with a traveling forge, and her personal items. The further she can get away from the government, the happier she will be.

Special ability: can breathe under water

Kate won 47 gold 12 silver and 27 copper arm wrestling

gold: 47
silver: 13
copper: 27

Debts: Owes Astrid 7 throwing knives and assorted cutlery for her crew (to be specified as the game progresses) for passage on the Nightingale

July 23rd, 2007, 02:06 PM
Putple dragon's character:

Name: Ravenna

Description: 5ft6, dark red hair, sharp blue eyes, with facial features to match. Normally found to be wearing a long sleeved black top with stretchy black trousers and padded boots, all fitted with slits to store her knives and lock picks.

Weapons: 2 daggers (one ina wrist sheath and one in her boot)– courtesy of various ‘generous’ people, and an ebony bow, with a quiver of 15 arrows, as well as the lock picks inherited from her father.

Background: Daughter of a thief, she has spent her life getting by using her mind, weapons and the misfortune of others, and the occasiolan bits she makes as a decent flute player, with the help of an exquisite set of lock picks, the only thing of value that her father even owned.

Other Items: a change of clothes, a strawberry roan horse named Twist, long black coat full of pockets, a pilfered flute and mirror, and a flask full of water, grain, hay, straw and water for one horse for one week. a bar of black soap given to her by the cook

Special Ability: Invisibilty

Ravenna gave 4 silver to Ol' Jake for stable fees
bought grain, hay, straw and water for one horse for one week from Mister Thomason 1 gold 5 silver
bought more hay and water from Mister Thomason (enough for one horse for two weeks) 1 gold

gold: 2
copper: 9

Debts: owes Astrid 100 gold for damages her horse Twist did to Astrid's ship the Nightingale

July 24th, 2007, 11:19 AM
pic choices for female characters will go here.

July 24th, 2007, 11:24 AM
more pic choices for female characters will go here. I will add more as they are available.

July 25th, 2007, 01:47 PM
these are NPC's as we get pics done and uploaded. I may end up making a separate thread for them.
the first is a young wind singer

July 31st, 2007, 08:31 PM
Stricken’s character:
name: Anton

A young man about 5'10", about 18 years of age. Dark hair and piercing green eyes. His family was distantly relative to the king before his death, but when the new government came into power, they lost their status and all of their riches.

He wears a dark green buttoned shirt, with dark brown trousers and a pair dark boots that look as if they have seen a great deal of earth, but could still take years before needing mending. He wears a ruby ring on a chain around his next, as to conceal it from most people, but a constant reminder of his family...

While traveling he can be seen with both pistol and bow prepared to be used, and his pistol remains with him even when he sleeps.

Since a young age Anton has shown an amazing affinity for any type of weapon, but his skill with guns and bows seems unnatural at best. It seemed he could get out of any bad situation as long as he had a pistol at his side.

He only wants to restore his families status, but is willing to take any risk to do it.

Items: Flintlock pistol, Bow, arrows(15)/quiver, bullets(15)/black powder, back pack, bedroll, rope, flask, dagger,
horse (was sold for fifty gold). a black dagger which was found in the possession of an assassin who tried to kill him

Special ability: unnaturally good shot

Anton sold his horse for 50 gold

gold: 50

August 10th, 2007, 09:07 PM
I'm going to list our NPC's here for now. later on I may move them to their own thread...

The Black Daggers: assassins for hire, (expert assassins) that don't come cheap. they like to travel light using whatever they can find along the way. they all have a tattoo of a black dagger with a skull on it on the inside of their left arm. they work for the highest bidder, regardless of if their intended victim is worthy of killing or not.

Daniels, Jeoffrey: (20 years old) one of the sailors on board the Nightingale who has the hots for Ravenna

Jenkins: a skinny pirate/sailor with a wooden eye, who befriended Ravenna her first night onboard ship.

Mister Thomason: one of the few honest stable owners and suppliers of feed for livestock

Ol' Jake: a stable owner who is not the most honest of people. Ravenna is in debt to him for a job she didn't finish (this is also the person suspected of killing her father)

PappaDoc: supposedly a witchdoctor or magic man of sorts. rumor has it that he can change animals and people into other things... for a price. he lives on a small island just off shore of Port Arthur

The Cook: a rather large, ill tempered (and rather lazy) man, he likes to get anyone possible to "help" him in the galley of the Nightingale

Tulu, the ship's Striker: a tall thin dark skinned man from one of the distant islands. he is the one responsible for hunting and fishing, finding foods of all types regardless or where they are and letting them know what is safe to eat and what isn't. he is also in charge of all hunting parties that leave the ship.

August 27th, 2007, 10:11 AM
DarkWitch's character:
Name: Winifred "Fred" Murphy

a 16 year old female Winifred is thought to be a boy more often than not because she cut brown/blonde hair short and she is pretty flat chested. Standing at 5'9 130lbs she has one blue eye and one green.

she wears basic loose pants, a white undershirt and a loose white over shirt.

When she was little she had many "imaginary" friends according to her father. But in fact they werent imaginary at all the were the dead and they talked to her all the time. She never understood why she could talk to them but she never told anyone either. The dead told her never to tell that she could because of what happened to the others that could talk to them. They ended up either hung, burned at the stake or placed in an insane asylum.

Her parents soon got tired of her games and started her with lessons in ancient languages, knitting/sewing, music lessons, and a bunch of other things that girls her age should know. She did extremely well for a while in her music lessons and took to the flute rather quickly. She could repair anything to almost perfect condition thanks to the sewing/knitting and ancient language lessons were going well to until her parents found out that it wasnt only ancient languages she was learning. Her teacher had an addiction with fishing and on days with good weather they were outside learning languages and fishing as well. Fishing her parents said isnt a proper thing for young ladies to learn.

in a last ditch effort to put things into place her parents Sean & Irene Murphy became missionaries during her 14th year. About halfway threw her 15th year her mother was killed in an accident and her father decided that they should return home. On there way home from one of the islands they some how go separated. she has in her posession a well worn but very accurate compass.

items: dagger, backpack, bedroll, waterskin, sewing kit, fishing gear, clothing, flute, five gold coins, and a whet stone.

special ability: talk to the dead

gold: 5