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July 24th, 2007, 05:08 PM
As I have mentioned, I want it be clear:

Just because I post a "new" lesson, does NOT mean the other lessons are over, obsolete, or are to be ignored.

I HIGHLY encourage ALL who have Class Banners, or are CLEARLY showing their PUBLIC interest in this class, even in it is in an 8px font in the corner of your sig:Ritual Creaton/Theory Student, to study, and take personal notes, on what those lessons bring out in you.

If you have a question or comment, POST IT IN THE THREAD!!! Let your voice be heard! This will score you points as well with me, that you are PAYING ATTENTION.

I have noticed that there have been MANY members who have signed up, but other than those who post here, or who have a student banneer, or state they are a student of the class, I have NO idea who is actally paying attention here!



I will NOT recognize ANY member who does not have a student banner on their sig, unless they provide the following:

(preferably a BANNER, so it is easier to see you ARE a Student of my class, as well as -Inky- went to GREAT lengths to produce Teacher, Student AND Graduate Banners), or failing that, at LEAST a notation you ARE a participating student of this class.

If you do not add a banner, or at least acknowledge that you are a studentof this class, and have already signedup, regardless of the work you bring, you will NOT receive a GRADUATE banneer, as you will not be consider a student. After all, anyone can come in here and type something.


I will be providing Seasonal EXAMS, which will be OPEN BOOK ESSAY.
Your POINTS will remain private, and a progress report will be given to each participant via PM.
Your scores, in EACH of the Seasonal Exams will be included in the FINAL EXAM.

In each Seasonal Exam, which will include, True/False, Multiple Choice, as well as an ESSAY, which will hold the highest point value:

You must provide IN YOUR OWN words, what the lesson was about, and what YOU learned from it.
You are NOT to "copy" off of my posts from the lesson, orattempt to reword it. This is plaguerism, and will not be tolerated.

More importantly, you CHOSE to take this Class. You will ONLY be cheating yourself. How proud will you REALLY be of a Grad banner you didn't actually earn? THINK ABOUT THIS...

When Seasonal exams begin, the Threads concerning the lessons will be CLOSED, indicating that Exams are taking place, and no input will be allowed.

The Threads will then be reopened.

During FINAL EXAMS, ALL Threads shall be Closed, and the FINAL EXAM will cover the Entire Course, including your scores from the Seasonal Exams, and determine your eligiblitly for a Graduate Banner, and if your work and performance, attendance and PARTICIPATION are exeptional, you will be oneof the FEW to receive an *Honors Graduate* Banner for compleletion, as well as recognition for your input, outstanding progress, and participation... which will be an inspiration to me.:hugz:

It will be an honor for ME, as well, to present the link for you to add to your sig, to replace your student bannner.

You are discouraged from repeating any of your previous passages from your posts, (as well as posts from previous exams) in the Final Exam, as I will have ALL OF THEM copied, and pasted in a Folder on my own PC for reference, as I have numerous Folders now on my PC, concering EACH Student's progress, WHO has signed up, and not participated, who has taken an active role in the Class...

ALL these factors will be considered for the Graduation Banners.

Remember, this class is FAR from over...
If you choose to continue with me, you will be rewareded...in MANY ways.

You of course are permitted to PM me, and excuse yourself from the class, which I will then dismiss you quietly, without repercussion.

Of course, then I will PM allthe other Teachers, Admins, other Forum Guides, all my members from The Owl's Perch, and gossipabout you incessently, but hey...no harm done.