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August 2nd, 2007, 11:12 AM
Hi Guys :)

I wanted to do something a little different. I am scheduling a small "ask gwinevere" session *right here* on Mystic Wicks! I will be visiting this board two a day to answer your questions for four days. So lay em' on me.

As anything you'd like to know about my writing, sites, my own Wiccan practice. I am open and here.

Starting today: August 2, going through August 5th.
So, here's a question for you: whatcha wanna know?

August 2nd, 2007, 08:42 PM
What is the pagan scene like in Florida? How open are you comfortable being? Were you able to "come out of the closet" without encountering hostility? Are there plenty of other likeminded people that you network with?

Are there any major pagan events in Florida that would be worth visiting the state for?


August 4th, 2007, 11:28 AM
You asked about what its like to be a Wiccan practicing in Florida. Because it is the south, traditional church is *big* here. There are about 15 in my county of a variety of types. However, people try to be tolerant to one another. I'll wear my pentacle out in public and most people don't really know what it is so its not that big of a deal.

I was born in NY so it is a different, slower pace down here, but overall I think it is what you make it to be. If you assume everyones going to hate you, they will because that's what you project. I try to be a good person, and hope it shows to receive respect from anyone who may speak with me.

As to the "pagan scene" I don't know that many other practitioners. There are a few that attend my college but everyone is so busy with school work, relationships and family its hard to create any type of group in person. Mostly I keep in touch with people (local and all over) via the net. Around here it seems the closer you are to the city, the more practitioners there are. Witchvox.com, the well known wiccan/pagan site is located in Tampa.

I don't know if there are any major festivals worth traveling out of state to come to Florida. There are a few big ones but I think most states now have at least one or two bigger festivals to attend. One of the main purposes to attending rituals is to meet people you might want to socialize with in the future, traveling to Florida from out of state can make that purpose less rational.

Hope i've answered your questions! They were great!

August 4th, 2007, 12:45 PM
Thanks for the reply. I'm in Mississippi, not too far from you, and I was wondering what it's like in FL. Here, I'm strictly in the broom closet for now. I've got too many hardcore Christian friends & family, and I haven't decided what effect it would have on my job, for me to come out. It would just create too much of a brouhaha for me to deal with right now. When I get on my path a little more firmly, maybe I'll be stable enough to deal with that.

You are young, and I'm impressed at your maturity and how together you seem. I sometimes read your Copper Moon ezine too. Keep up the good work. :)


August 4th, 2007, 11:29 PM

There are many people who deal with coming out of the broomcloset. I'd say half of the e-mails I receive are in regard to this topic. People of all ages struggle with this choice. I think slowly the idea of Wicca is filtering into society, and I hope more in a positive way than negative. There will always be people who can't accept that Wicca is a positive path, they want to see it as evil. But I believe my generation will grow up to be more accepting of all paths. At the very least, more tolerant.

Thank you for your questions. Hang in there. You know what is best for you right now.

Kindly spread the word about Copper Moon!! Today I only had 8 visitors :(