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May 23rd, 2002, 02:37 PM
no, this isn't about the American revolution, or the War of 1812. this concerns a small conflict over a pig that nearly escalated into a major international war!
'The Pig War', as it has come to be known, occurred in 1859 on San Juan Island, a small body of land which now belongs to the United States.
but at that time was a disputed territory lying in the Haro Straits exactly in between Washington and Vancouver Island. and when an American settler shot a pig that was digging in his yard, all hell (nearly) broke loose!
the story lies here...

this first came to my attention when the Dragonfly and i vacationed in the San Juans a few years back. it's a beautiful area which, because of it's being situated in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains, has it's own micro-climate. they generally get about a third of the annual rainfall of nearby Seattle.
there's lots to do there, with two lighthouses (one of which is a major Orca tracking station) and LOT's of great restaurants. and everywhere you go there are reminders of The Pig War.

May 28th, 2002, 11:54 PM
Ever hear of the Toledo War? This was a war between the states... just two of them, Ohio and Michigan. The fight was over the placement of the border between the two- whether it should be to the north or south of present-day Toledo. Though troops did amass near Toledo, no shots were fired, as I understand. The Federal government intervened, granted Toledo to Ohio, and carved off a big chunk of the Wisconsin territory to give Michigan its famous "UP", or Upper Peninsula.

Ah, the wars you never hear about in school...