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June 3rd, 2002, 08:27 PM
The Rune Poem - Verse XX
Those who possess happiness
are dear to their kinsman,
Yet all must part
because Odin has decreed
that the body must return to the Earth.

Runic Number: 20

Letter: M

Old English Name: Man

Meaning: Man, Humanity, the Inner Self

Element(s): Air

Zodiac Sign:Aries and Taurus

Gemstone: Garnet

Colour: Deep Red


Mannaz is the rune of mankind or humanity. It represents both male and female energy and links with man at his most fundamental level.


This rune is very much about community and reminds us of our responsibility to others. More than this Mannaz represents the search for the inner Self

But ultimately the message comes back to people, tolerance, compassion and kindness whether we are interacting in the workplace, our community or in our closest relationships.

A self imposed solitude or isolation whether intentional or not. Your actions have separated you from others and you may have created enemies along the way.

Be vigilant with those around you. Motives may not be as they seem. Information and advice which is passed your way may be bad.

Flar's Freyja
June 4th, 2002, 09:19 AM
Here is a picture of Mannaz. The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Runes states that it is depicted as Bifrost, the bridge between this world and the upper world, marriage between deity and human:

Silver Venus
June 5th, 2002, 09:42 AM
Mannaz to me is the rune of the Self, it stands for all of the human race uniting together as one individual of love for me.
I agree it is all about tolerance, compassion and kindness, and how you give this to others as you would expect this from others yourself.

When it comes up in a reading it is a very positive sign to me, it speaks of a guardian angel looking out for the querrant, of a good thing coming out of nothing or a bad situation, or a bond made with the gods as well as with the querrants freinds and family.

Like Ehwaz we see the two halves of the M interlinking and then crossing, this is like Rick said, two people holding hands, but also there connection with there higher selfs aswell, the gods, so the symbol reminds us that we are all connected and those who are close to us are in our lifes fro a greater reason, we are universally connected with eachother and the gods.
The crossing symbol of Mannaz reminds us of the web of life, of love and of the world, and how we can effect this world for the better.


June 5th, 2002, 03:29 PM

June 5th, 2002, 06:00 PM
Mannaz ('man', 'mankind') is one of the 'hug' Runes, Runes of the mind & intellect. As Ehwaz may represent the 'baser self', Mannaz represents the 'higher self', that to which we aspire. It is the balance between knowledge, & wisdom (the ability to apply knowledge).

Mannaz is a relationship Rune. It's shape suggests two people embracing. This represents the connections to the people we hold closest to us, our inner most circle of family & friends. It might symbolize a 'mate' partnership. Mannaz is often called the 'marriage Rune'.

Silver Venus
June 6th, 2002, 06:57 AM
Originally posted by Rick
Mannaz is often called the 'marriage Rune'.
Thats so nice! I will remember that :)

Flar's Freyja
October 23rd, 2002, 01:01 AM
Mannaz is associated with the Norse god Heimdall, God of dawn and light. Son of Odin and the nine giant sisters, he was the sentry of the rainbow bridge. Mannaz represents the evolving human intelligence and is the symbol of Heimdall. In the poem "Rigsthula" in the Elder Edda, Heimdall brought forth the three levels of social structure: the provider the warrior and the priest-king.

Magical Qualities:

Increases mental powers such as knowledge, memory and wisdom.
Perceives the divine and human nature in yourself and others.
Works with the social order to perpetuate your patterns.
Understands the polarities of personality.
Accesses ancestral memory.
Understands the concept of incarnation.

In divination, Mannaz represents the complete human being who integrates the wisdom of the runes with the self. Considered a double Wunjo, it is associated with perfection and the conscious application of will. People are its main influence and focus. It stands for social order and shows how, through this order, you can achieve your full potential on both the physical and divine levels. Understanding this order is critical to creating positive and successful life patterns. When Mannaz comes up in a reading, it can indicate legal affairs and matters of mutual cooperation. Its negative meaning can indicate someone who may be a potential enemy or is hindering or undermining you. It may indicate worry about social status or getting caught up in social hierarchies such as peer groups.

Taken from: The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Runes by Sirona Knight