View Full Version : Got a kid that doesnt like washing hands or cleaning up?

September 28th, 2007, 09:31 AM
Teach your kids about germs with glitter!

My DIL told me this idea and boy does it get the cleanliness point across.
My son hates washing his hands or taking baths.

You get different colors of glitter. One for each person.
My son was gold, my daughter picked red and I used green.

The glitter is germs, your germs. So my germs were the green ones, my daughters were the red ones and my sons were the gold ones.

You rub your hands and forearms with a sticky oil based hand lotion.
Then you sprinkle your colored glitter all over your hands and arms.

Now, go through the house touching things and each other.
Its an easy way to show the kids how each of our germs spread.

The fun part was cleaning up. Not all the glitter came off our hands when the kids did the quick rinse off. It took some work to wash off every 'germ'. Then right after we all got clean and germ free, we picked up the germs again when we touched the areas we previously touched. This really reminded the kids how cleaning isn't just a hand washing. Our surroundings need to be cleaned too or the germs will pile up.

The project was fun and did an excellent job of making those invisible germs we talk about more real.
My son plays outside, gets all dirty and has a fit when he comes inside and we immediately tell him to go wash up.
Now he could 'see' his germs and now knows why we want him to wash his hands and body. We don't want his germs all over us.

But dont overdo it. We dont want our kids paranoid of germs, just aware that cleaning on a regular basis is important so germs don't pile up. And to emphasize that hand washing is important before we eat and things like that.

Which, I made a sandwich after this project and when I was about to take a bite, my son noticed a piece of glitter on it. I didn't get all the glitter off the table.
I used that booboo to tell my son how we adults mess up and the importance of using a clean plate when your going to make food.

September 28th, 2007, 10:00 AM
That's a cool idea. I hate, actually despise glitter, so it could also get it across to them why I hate it so much. Two lessons in one. lol
Actually, it would really help them understand why I keep telling them to sing the alphabet song when they wash their hands. I have explained that we need more than just a second to get soap on us and rinse our hands. My older children know it and have gone through experiments sort of like this, but they are kids still..they tend to take the quickest route even if it isn't the best route to take.
I think this would really help teach things to my son also. He doesn't mind washing up really, his problem is more of having to stop what he is doing to do it. But, like most 4 year olds, his idea of washing is 'I touched the soap, so it must be good'. lol