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October 11th, 2007, 05:10 AM
SG Lesson 6

Indoor Garden
Much of what we have already learnt in the previous lessons will come into play with planning an indoor garden.
First of all though we need to think about these things.
Light and warmth are of great concern as plants need both. South facing windows or North facing if you live in the Southern Hemisphere can be too hot in the summer. The plants can become scorched and will dry out very quickly.
A North facing window South facing if in the Southern Hemisphere has the opposite effect not enough light.
You can buy lamps that have daylight bulbs to remedy this or you could simply use mirrors to reflect light.
Most plants prefer indirect sunlight.
Water is good for plants but not for carpets and furniture. To avoid spills place saucers under pots and water your plants at a sink that way you will have pools of water on furniture or carpets to deal with.
Do not overload floorboards or shelves, remember a well watered plant is a lot heavier than a dry one.

Planning your Indoor garden
Wide windowsills are excellent for putting pots on if you have them. You can also place a table or an old bookcase with the back removed in front of a window.
Trellis work can be added to a wall, you can get some really nice trellis work these days, you can hang pots from this. I saw this done in a living room and it became the focal point of the room with spider plants and herbs growing in the pots it looked like a living wall.
Kitchen windowsills are good for herbs just donít get soap on them they donít like it.
Statues and candles can be placed amongst the plats to create the effect of a garden. Candles can be placed in old jam jars that you can decorate, just make sure they are on a heat proof surface and will not burn the plants.
Shelves can be added to a wall giving you a vertical garden as long as they are in plenty of light your plants will thrive.
If space is at a premium and you cannot place things on walls you can grow a mini garden in a pot, bowl or tub. By choosing small plants you can get a lot in a small space.
Base you garden around a statue of your chosen deity or use items to represent the elements. You may have to alter some of the plants that you would use in an outdoor garden but you can still go with the colours associated with either your deity or the elements.
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