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October 11th, 2007, 05:17 AM
Lesson 8

Using and dedicating your space.

So you have now decided on what you want and have begun putting things into action but how do make your space sacred and magical?
First of all dedicate you space or garden to the deity of your choice.
This is done very simply by seeking the blessing of the Goddess and the God or just the Goddess if you prefer. This can also be extended to the Elementals, or the Fae.
At the time of the New moon which is a time of fresh starts gather together:
Water in a bowl
An asperger ( a small bunch of twigs tied together) I have used twigs from a tree in my garden or you can use twigs from any tree or plant.
Kneel in the middle of the garden with these things in front of you. Ask each of the elements to be present and visualise the Goddess and God in front of you. Next take a pinch of salt and ad it to the water, asking in your head that the impurities of the water be driven out. Take the asperger and dip it into the water and sprinkle it in a circle around you in a deosil ( clockwise) direction.
Ask that the garden be productive and that the work you will be doing will be supported by the elements and the Goddess and God.
Remain a while and visualise the garden as you would like it to be.
When you are ready thank the elements and the Goddess and God for taking part in your ritual and leave the garden.
This is a very simple ritual and can be expanded as much as you like. You can have candles in the garden if you want to at the four quarters, I have gone for something simple so as not to draw attention of neighbours.
Naturally you will adapt things to suit your path.
Your sacred space will be a good place to perform magic relating to nature like fertility, healing and of course plant care in general. It can also be used to place things in the light of the Full Moon for cleansing as long as you remember to remove it before the children or pets go outside.
Your sacred space will also be a good place to sit and contemplate or meditate.
If your garden is indoors you can still dedicate your garden to the elements and deity the great advantage of an indoor garden is no neighbours to see what you are doing.
Your dedication can be more elaborate if you wish and you can use the space freely all year round.
Whether your sacred space is inside or outside you will find new ways to use your garden in a magical way.