View Full Version : How to do prayers of intercession and petition?

November 23rd, 2007, 04:55 PM
I am very big on the power of prayer, yet I do not know much on specifics for prayers of intercession, petition, etc. I somewhat know what each mean but not the exact details. I'm also itnerested in other forms of prayer. Thank you.

November 23rd, 2007, 05:22 PM
There are generally about 5 different types of prayers. Prayers of Petition, Prayers of Intercession, Prayers of Thanksgiving, Prayers of Penitence, and Prayers of Praise.

Prayers of Praise, Thanksgiving, and Penitence are just what they sound like.

Prayers of Petition are those times when you ask your God(s) for something. "Mother Mary, do I ever need this job," was one of my most recent prayers of petition.

Prayers of Intercession are those times when you ask your God(s) for someone else's issue to be resolved. "Saint Peregrine, please help my MIL and her fight against breast cancer at this time," was another one I asked for over the summer.

You can intercede for a friend, and the Saints can intercede for you. Actually, that's how someone becomes a Saint, according to Catholic doctrine. There need to be a minimum of three (or is it 5 now?) documented "miracles of intercession" for the Vatican to consider someone worthy of being put up for the Saint vote. This is also the reason the RC church denies the deification of the Saints. The theory goes that you aren't actually praying to the Saints themselves to make things happen, you're praying to them to use their influence to talk to God on your behalf, because somehow, it will work out better if you go through them.