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January 18th, 2008, 06:06 PM
Okay, so I'm not a Vedic scholar (duh!) so I don't know if everything on here is correct, though with many of these things (hymns, the Vedas themselves, etc) there are many meanings, interpretations and such.

I found this site to be quite interesting and full of info about the Vedic hymns and deities.


I actually think I saw it long ago, but for whatever reason didn't pay much attention to it.

Oh and a note: It has this annoying pop-up warning saying the site is better viewed in Internet Explorer. I have Firefox so I keep seeing it when I open every page there. So either ignore it (I just click the X box) or have IE to view the site and bypass that!

So, what I was looking at...each of these has their own chapters as well, so it's really a lot of text! I've got tons to read now!

Rig Veda (http://www.vedah.com/org2/literature/rig_veda/toc.html)-- these are the main books in there, each with their own stuff:
Wisdom of Veda (http://www.vedah.com/org2/literature/rig_veda/wisdom_veda/toc.html)
Explaining the Gods (http://www.vedah.com/org2/literature/rig_veda/explaining_gods/toc.html)
Gods of the Veda (http://www.vedah.com/org2/literature/rig_veda/gods_of_veda/toc.html)
Word to word meaning (http://www.vedah.com/org2/literature/rig_veda/word_meaning/toc.html)
Yajur Veda (http://www.vedah.com/org2/literature/yajur_veda/toc.html)
Sama Veda (http://www.vedah.com/org2/literature/sama_veda/toc.html)
Atharva Veda (http://www.vedah.com/org2/literature/atharva_veda/toc.html)
Upanishads (http://www.vedah.com/org2/literature/upanishads/toc.html)
Deeper Meaning (http://www.vedah.com/org2/literature/deeper_meaning/toc.html)And a few others categories.
Oh and they offer the text for free PDF downloads, too.

So, I guess any one interested in Vedic literature (the hymns, meaning, etc) and/or the Vedic gods, this place seems to be great for that. Though, like I said, I don't know if it's 100% accurate, similar or different to any of the previous Vedic scholarship. Seeing as I've been looking everywhere (off and on & again lately) for texts and things related to Surya and some other Vedic deities...I'm pretty interested in what they have to say!

January 19th, 2008, 04:13 PM
Thanks for the links, as Vedicism is something I'd really like to learn more about.