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January 22nd, 2008, 06:14 PM
I'm in the process of writing a book, which I hope to have finished sometime in January 2009. To get a feeling for my approach to the subject matter, I'm letting people view and comment on a sample introduction to my book.

I had been thinking about life, "Hel's road". Which led me to deciding how I wanted to approach the book. A wolf's road is my personal description of spiritual development. Due to a few factors, such as the lessons that can be learned by studying wolves, the importance they held to certain tribes or cultures and... One of my patrons: Fenrir. However, it will be presented in a general,non-religion specific form to be of use to an individual of any spiritual calling.

So, I've written up a rough draft introduction to the first one. Went through various copyright precautions and all so here is a "first look" at where this work is headed. Again, this intro is not a final draft.


Walking Wolf's Road

Hel's road, the road we walk on our journey from birth to death. But beside this well-trod, though rugged, path... Running parallel to it, is another path.

The Wolf's road. The road of spiritual development.

This road is far more difficult to follow. The road is cold and icy, the landscape a barren white, the wind pushes against you. But this is in your benefit. I'm sure you've heard the saying that nothing worthwhile is easy. Here, this is a prime example. And it makes the path all the more fulfilling. All it takes is patience, diligence and the will to pursue.

There is a primitive nature in all of us, embracing this nature, this duality, in one's self and balancing it with the modern individual is the first step on this journey. Self development. For the sake of comparison, this inner nature, is not unlike a wolf.

As you develop and understand yourself, the road will be somewhat easier to navigate.

You begin to accept and understand the world around you, to cope with hardships and balance in daily life.
The icy rugged path will toughen the once tender paws. Fur will grow in between the padding that will turn leathery and firm. The tender steps will become a casual lope.

You begin to understand and accept yourself in your own skin. To reconcile with the influences around you.
Your fur will thicken, becoming a comfortable barrier against the cold. You no longer need the constant warmth and security of the pack, but can travel on your own. If in a pack, you are better able to contribute with confidence.

You learn to listen and work to discern between truth and fallacy in life and lessons.
Your ears attune to the lightest whisper, the wind is now a gossiping acquaintance rather than the deafening nuisance of before.

You begin to look past the obvious, at the small details.
Your lashes thicken, the snow and wind less irritating to your eyes. You're vision becomes sharper. The barren white is no longer a stark emptiness. In the distance you can see the terrain change.

You learn to understand your nature, your primitive nature. You develop your instinct, you develop a mind that takes in a situation and provides you with the effective course of action.
You've learned to hunt and nourish yourself on the long road. Now prepared to pursue the road further.

But the road will still have many obstacles. The path will fade and become hard to detect, you'll lose the scent and become confused and questioning of the road. But this is where patience, diligence and, dare I say it, faith comes in. If you develop yourself first, these obstacles will be somewhat easier and less troubling to navigate around. Your instincts will be sharper, the scent less difficult to snuff out.

That is the intent of this book, to give a bit of assistance down those first few miles. To help you develop and understand your own nature in order to assist in your own spiritual development and navigating the depths of spirituality.

Copyright 2007, RAGE (Danielle Burch) Please do not redistribute without my permission.