View Full Version : high on god ,praying to drugs

January 29th, 2008, 06:11 AM
I don't trust psychics,mediums,preachers,priest or whatever you want to call your divine maniuplator of the knowledge of the before or afterlife.
You may as why and I will tell you why.It's hard for me to believe some is talking to dead people and seeing fairies and spirits and things and claim they are complete sober.I find that hard to believe.I don't see why the so called divine or whatever you want to call it would bypass contacting me directly and tell you and you are just so concerned about my well being that you are going to deciper the wisdom of the universe for me.
If you where high or something and some way out spaced out kind of stuff i would say hey wait you are messed up but at the same hey you be seeing things at alterstate of awareness and my present a hint of so called truth.
If a person who claims to be completely sober and says hey the fill in the blank give
me a message to tell you.I looking out for how much of a donation or how much will i have to spend on a class or a book or enchanted chrystal or special deluxe handcrafted wallet made out of the leather of the sacred bull.
I rather listen to the rabblings of a drink in the gutter or junkie in alley then spend one minute listen to some holy roller high priest of the new age temple of the latter day chrystal warrior.

January 29th, 2008, 06:17 AM
Sometimes messages are given with no strings attached.

I don't trust everyone who claims to have these super-special thingies either, but I think that perhaps you're overgeneralising just a bit too much. Not everyone claiming to have some form of contact with non-tangible things is a complete nutcase, you know.