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August 3rd, 2002, 12:44 PM
For sale/barter

Now taking orders for a new batch!

Hand made staffs- These beautiful staffs/walking sticks are individually handmade (by me) out of corkscrew willow, which is twice as stong and much lighter than oak when it dries. Due to the way in which the branches grow each one is unique in nature.

Creation Process
Each staff is stripped of it's bark and sun dried for 7 days. After cutting to size comes 40 hrs of carving and 5 progressively finer sandings until it is "babys butt" smooth. after further drying and my secret curing process, 5 layers of satin or clear shellac is applied and then, wrappingsand or ornamentation of your choice are the finishing touches.

All staffs are then cleansed and spirit charged to the affinity you choose or left cleared for your personal blessings.

$75-$100 unornamented
$100-$150 ornamented
All prices are negotiable ;)
note-precious and semi-precious stones applied will be charged at face value of the stones at time of market

If you are interested please email me