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April 9th, 2008, 02:08 PM

Science of Intuition is the official name of the course you are taking, and below is the lessons in order that I will be covering along with associated assignments and a brief description of what the lesson covers.


My personal soap box on why these courses need to exist, the changing faces of metaphysics and why I think it's important for people to take courses which can accredit them as genuine metaphysical practitioners . . . at least that's what I think it says ;)

The Basics

Grounding, Shielding, Balancing, Cleansing and Meditation.

Meditation Schedule

12 Week schedule for Meditation, can be completed while you read ahead in the course, or with student permission can be reduced to only 1 main meditation.

The Integration Theory

My personal theories on what makes a person a good psychic and what elements a psychics must read to get a full spectrum of information rather than bias information from reading only one source of energy.

Assignment 1 - Write about your meditation experience
Attunement 1 - Open your third eye

The Energy Theories

Energy is all around us. This is a big section about energy working, and how all psychic reading is energy reading.

Energy Theories Schedule

12 Weeks of exercises involving energy. You cover creating orbs, drawing energy, linking, communicating through energy and raising and lowering vibrations.

The Chakras

Not the regular information on chakras, but the energetic information, the info a psychic needs to know so that when they are feeling out a client's energy they know where that energy is originating from, and how much power it's going to have over a person's decisions. I also cover all the chakras from 1-7, 8-12, Earth Star, and Palms and Feet.

Assignment 2 - Write about your take on each of the 12 chakras.
Attunement 2 - Awakening of your spiritual chakras 8 -12

The Aura

Covers the basics of the Aura, what it is, layers, etc.

Chakra Cleansing

Covers how to cleanse your chakras.

Aura Balancing

Covers how to balance your aura.

Assignment 3 - An essay on aura balancing and chakra cleansing.
Attunement 3 - Full chakra and aura balancing and cleansing session.

The Basics of Intuition

Here is where we finally get into the nitty gritty, clairvoyance, telepathy, empathy, precognition and astral projection.

Practice Schedule

12 Weeks of exercises in clairvoyance, telepathy, empathy, precognitions and astral projections. Previous attunements should help you achieve these exercises easily.

The Structure of the Psyche

This covers the psyche and how it works, where a psychic will read from the most, which parts of the mind the psychic will gain the best information, and how that comingles with the chakras.

Assignment 4 - Reflection on the Basics of Intuition
Attunement 4 - Opening your mind further.

The Emotional Structure

Where your emotions come from, and how your chakras process your emotions.

Assignment 5 - Reflection on the Structure of the Psyche and the Emotional Structure.

Common Sense

Covers logic, when to be logical, when to use basic psychology, society's influence, and repetitive behavior.

Environmental Influences

This lesson covers ley lines, vortexes and hot and cold spots in the world. The whole world has not been mapped, but this is a guide to let you become aware not only of the client's energy but of the energy surrounding the client.

Assignment 6 - Exploring energy where you live
Attunement 5 - Connecting you to your environment.

The Endurance Theory

This lesson covers burn out, how to avoid it, what it is, when you have reached burn out, and what to do when you have reached it.

Attunement 6 - Awen energy.

The Zodiac Signs

The basics of Astrology, the energy of each of the Zodiac signs.

Assignment 7 - Write personality charts for 3 people you know.
Attunement - Attunes you to the universe around you and each of the zodiac signs.

The 36 Stages of the Zodiac

A closer look at the Zodiac, as each sign passes through 10 degrees, we look at the personality changes within each and every sign.

Assignment 8 - Write 3 personality reports based on 3 of the 36 stages of the Zodiac.
Attunement 8 - General refining energy, putting all the pieces together.

The Ascendant

The importance of the AC and what your AC signifies.

Assignment 9 - What is your AC? What personality traits do you adopt from your AC?


Tips for good relationships, plus a look at compatibility between zodiac signs.

Assignment 10 - Write 3 relationology profiles for 3 couples you know or have known.

Attunement 9 - One of the last attunements to help you refine your energy and prepare you to read for others.

Spiritual Advising

This sections covers how to deal with clients, and basic etiquette.

Assignment 11 - Reflection on how much you have changed throughout this course.
Attunement 10 - Last attunement to seal the energies and make you confident to be on your own.


Additional education, requesting certification, taking more courses, where to work, and what other organizations you can join.

That was long, if you're ready to take the journey, then sign up!