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April 10th, 2008, 01:34 PM

I suppose it all began before anyone knew what was happening. One person said it would rain tomorrow and it did. The next thing you know, dozens of people are lined up to hear what else will happen. Prophets, seers, sages, soothsayers, gypsies, fortune tellers, oracles, psychics, and all these terms have been used to describe those who have a seemingly mystical and unexplained power. More prominent in the ancient worlds to possess knowledge of advanced science that the modern world has figured out, and found to be not so mystical after all, and other knowledge, this still seems hidden just beyond the veil of scientific reach. Either way, throughout the centuries, people have had intuitive abilities, empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, astral projection, telekinesis, precognition, premonition, and more. These people have been burned at the stake, hunted, convicted of wild crimes, punished for having knowledge they should not logically possess, and in the end, many have been silenced, giving up the ability, or at least giving up their right to share it with the world. This seems to have left the modern world separated. Metaphysics became a lost philosophy, and the occult became something one had to look under a rock for.
But the world did know it again, and eventually many newcomers came into the business, generations later people started practicing and believing and others began to flock to it. The practice then was called under many names then too in the 20th century, Psychic reader, Spiritual Advisor, Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot Reader, these all applied. Still, the secrets behind the mystical power still remained in the shadows. These people practiced, told people of the other side, channeled spirit guides, and gave shocking revelations of the future to people. Many did it for ďentertainment purposes onlyĒ and others took it seriously. In the world we live in today there is so much that is still misunderstood by the general public.
Ask a few people what they think a psychic is, and youíll get answers anywhere from being completely fraudulent, to being slightly confused, to being a complete believer in one or two individuals, but not everyone that claims theyíre psychic. The lines are still blurred, the public is still confused, and what can anyone truly do to stop the mass chaos occurring in the psychic world?
That seems to be the answer because 100 years ago psychology wasnít even considered a real practice. They werenít considered doctors. 30 years ago a person would see a masseuse, for relaxation and comfort, now; itís covered under health care in Canada. Even 20 years ago anyone could say they were a homeopathic healer or a naturopathic doctor. Now, in todayís world, these professions are not only recognized, but respected by the community, and there are professionals in these fields working worldwide.
That would be a nice feeling to have in the world of Metaphysics, donít you agree? To stop the constant skepticism surrounding our work, to come up with a way to actually regulate the system, provide people with concrete advise, predictions that actually happen, to be able to describe emotions, thoughts, feelings, intentions that are really there. No more of the phony bologna, no more of the smoke and mirrors, no more uneducated practitioners affecting the outcome, the actions, and the overall well being of the actual people they are dealing with. Metaphysics is a profession, itís a business like any other, and in this world, the intuitive guidance a Metaphysical Consultant can offer can be a vital tool used to help the world grow and flourish.
Imagine a world where there are no more questions that donít have answers, a world where, everyone knows where theyíre going to a certain degree. Iím not saying itís going to turn out like rocket science, and be the answer to lifeís never ending questions, but to have a world where direction can be sought out and found, not just advice, or opinions, professional or not, but intuitive guidance that can be followed to allow one to truly reach their goals and dreams, now thereís a world Iíd love to live in.
Iím a skeptic myself, itís why I wrote this course, itís why I studied, itís why I learned the ins and outs to the business, and itís why I am myself a successful metaphysical consultant. When I have a problem, I go to my students, because I know what to expect, Iíve personally trained them all to work in this field the way I do, high ethical standards, highly educated people. I know my students are not amateurs in the business, I know they didnít learn metaphysics out of a book, and I know theyíre not reading scripts, using mind magicks or any of the other tricks some psychics today use. Iíll admit, the business has come a long way since I began learning in the 90ís, but it hasnít come full circle to being respected by society. Thatís what Iím here to teach you. Iím here to teach you the right way, so that you and everyone else working in the Metaphysical field, can be respected by society.
There are a few other things you should know before walking this path. The first is that you cannot help anyone else until you help yourself. That is how the saying goes, and in this line of work there is no room for personal stress to cut into the work you do. This line of work is strongly sensitive, highly scrutinized in many places, and has little room for errors due to personal issues. Therefore, a lot of the journey will focus mostly on you and your journey, and once you have mastered yourself, then you will help others.
The second is that this path is difficult to walk, and reading and doing assignments alone isnít enough to make you a great metaphysical practitioner. The attunements will help some, but sheer willingness to engage yourself in the work is what is going to do it. If youíre only here for a good read, then Iím sure itíll be a good one, but if youíre here to get the full experience, and come out a changed person, then you have to be willing to take on that change.
Next is that nobody is going to instantly accept that you're psychic just because you're taking a course. But then again nobody will accept you as a doctor, lawyer, surgeon, psychologist, or even a bloody day care worker if you're just taking a course.
Be prepared to dig up some seriously bad stuff about your past. Part of this job is about knowing not only who you are now, but who you were before now, and who you're going to be after now. So, a lot of self exploration goes into the path, and I encourage not just past life exploration, but soul exploration, which is more along the lines of finding where your soul originated from, and what you were created to do. The deepest things you can't get from simply past life regression. That part is kind of hard, and some people do skip it because hey, learning symbology is easier, but being prepared and knowing yourself is much better than walking through the dark with nothing but a stick in front of you to let you know of bumps along the way. Knowing yourself means you carry a lantern into the tunnel with you.
Lastly, my experience on this path has been quite the journey of trial and error. The long and short of it is that I was always a weird child that grew up with little to no friends because I had no social skills and my interests vastly differed from the other kids. I wanted to play wizards and witches while other kids wanted to play house. Eventually I grew up and isolated myself after meeting my soulmate for one day when I was 13. Our families were on vacation, and we had a chance meet that lasted 6 hours. We both went home, but never forgot the connection. During that time I was pretty much a recluse, writing poetry, connecting with him over thousands of miles, thinking that I was fantasizing, and asking for signs that we were meant to be. All the signs I asked for I got though, whether it was a song playing on the radio when I woke up, or a storm coming, or a dream or anything. At 15 I fully awakened to having abilities, but I had no one to train me, and I didnít know what I was doing. I admit I sensed a lot of things, spoke with spirit guides, and freaked myself out with my friends, but I didnít understand how to do it properly and in the process I ended up hurting people close to me. At 17 I shut down completely, I had a panic attack after facing an entire group of students who thought I was crazy. It didnít go away but it wasnít so out of control. Slowly I learned how to reuse my abilities. At 18, I wrote my first psychic development course, and began reading on forums and for people I had met on messenger and such. Then I found Stephen Lovering and Dawn Rothwell and I decided to take my reiki and metaphysics with them.
A few years later, I had completed my Reiki Grand Master, Lightarian Reiki, and about 40 other modalities of Energy Healing, and I had achieved by Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics. I began to work on Kasamba as a professional metaphysical practitioner, Psychic Rhiannon. Somewhere in between all this I met my soulmate again, found all my diaries and learned that all my predictions from when I was a child had come true, to the point where I predicted the name of my husband, and yes, I had a child, and I had another on the way, and my dreams had all come true.
Recently, I finished my doctoral dissertation, my thesis in Metaphysics, and finished writing Science of Intuition. I received my PhD in Metaphysics, and I have risen to the top of the charts on Kasamba. I am now one of the highest rated experts in Spirituality and Religion on their website, and I conduct psychic readings, reiki healings, and metaphysical consultations for people worldwide.
I hope that by engaging in this course you too will find your own personal power, your confidence to achieve everything you had ever wanted in your life, and I hope that you can do it by turning on the lightbulb, and walking through the darkness with your lantern by your side.

April 10th, 2008, 04:47 PM
That was a wonderful read and I look forward to beginning the course.

April 10th, 2008, 05:02 PM
Gosh, I read it again and it's got grammar errors like crazy. I have to say I have not edited the foreword because I've changed it 10 times, but this is where it stands now.

I just need to make it as grammatically correct as the rest of the course!

April 10th, 2008, 05:39 PM
No worries Kaliel. I didn't even notice the grammar errors, lol. So you did good! :D

April 10th, 2008, 09:29 PM
hmm...after reading your foreword i must admit in some ways i am jealous
of what you achieved.... but i would love to be present in your class

i believe in taking this course to the end will benefit me really well

April 10th, 2008, 11:16 PM
Interesting read. I look forward to the class!

Chaos Hawk
April 11th, 2008, 12:19 AM
I didn't notice gramatical errors either, I was focusing on what you were saying. I look forward to the class :)

Heart of All
April 11th, 2008, 12:48 AM
It was quite interesting to read. I'm really excited about working on my intuition and learning from you.

And your writing style more than made up for any grammatical errors. It's so easy to read and pulls you along. I'm the sort of person who notices every single grammatical error, and I only found one missing comma.

April 11th, 2008, 01:51 AM
read the foreword! I am so ready to go!

April 11th, 2008, 03:49 AM
Well it's really interesting and i'm feeling a little jealous like Obier, just know that you're same age as me, makes me think high part of my life is really 'lost time' >_<

I'll be taking this class even with more interest now! :)

April 22nd, 2008, 12:18 AM
I really liked reading the forward and thank you for allowing me into the class. I look forward to the lessons and will do my best. I believe this will help me tremendously in my life.