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April 11th, 2008, 10:09 PM
Clinton, Obama To Court 'Faith Vote'

'Business As A Moral Activity.

"It's a moral activity. [Through work] we are contributing to that moral enterprise,....so in those ways, I see [my work as highly] valuable." Evangelicals in business have embraced the idea that they are "called" to a particular line of work for the glory of God (8)'

(8) This idea emerges from a "theology of vocation" in the Protestant tradition that was first articulated by church reformer Martin Luther (Wingren 1957; Luther [1519] 1915). According to this line of thinking, not only the clergy but also lay leaders are "called" to serve God through their professional vocations; it does not matter whether -- to use Luther's language -- one is a priest, a cobbler, or some other profession, so long as he works "for the glory of God." '
(Lindsay DM, Faith in the Halls of Power: How Evangelicals Joined the American Elite, Oxford University Press, 2007, p. 163 & footnote)

One sees that, as for Christianity, it is indeed Judas who emerges as star of the show, for the betrayal is here: Jimmy Swaggart's visits to prostitutes to collect information for a sermon. It remains Swaggart's word against the hooker's as to "being called.
Linday's book is recommended for those following (or critiquing) the church-and-state concept in America. Yet, one will need more than that. One will require psychoanalysis, philsophy, and perhaps a few cartoons. It seems that Iran's government has some competition, and what happens when U.S. forces leave Iraq is a continuation of perpetual war, with the bloodbath against the Shiia that should rile Iran enough for it to begin to blame the U.S. not only for its traditions of frontier capitalism, but now for a direct psychosexual religious encounter: religious dogmatic (a la 1519 Luther) slumber, insulated in a 'religious sanctuary' whose theological discouirse has been rumbling in the collective unconscious since before Plymouth Rock.