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August 15th, 2002, 11:29 AM
Hi to Everyone!
Things have been pretty hectic around here lately and I haven't had a chance to post for a while - hope everyone is doing O.K. and enjoying what's left of the summer season.
I've been sorting through my stash of craft supplies, etc.- trying to get things down to where they will take up something less than the space of a Mac truck for storage (smile), and so that I can actually FIND things in something less than a week's search! Anyhow, in the process I've gone through my considerable accumulation of cross-stitch magazines plus some other needlework and crafts magazines and have a few to give away to anyone interested on a first come first serve basis (ONE LOT PER PERSON PLEASE). I've listed them below and you can e-mail me personally either here at Mystickwicks or at catdancingkhb@netscape.net.
Thanks and Brightest Blessings!

LOT #1: 'Just Cross Stitch' Feb.1990, October 1990, 'For The Love of Cross Stitch' Premier Issue 1988, 'Country Stitch' Premier Issue 1990

LOT #2: 'Charted Christmas Designs'-this is a soft cover book by Dover Publications, 'Sugar Plum Fairy'-a leaflet of cute baby and kids designs by Vanessa Ann, and 'Designs from A Country Keeping Room'-a leaflet by Janice Shirley published by Cross-Stitch Originals.

LOT #3: 'Leisure Arts the magazine' Dec.1989, Feb.1990, Aug.1989, Feb.1989, plus 'Celebrations to Cross Stitch and Craft' which is also by Leisure Arts and is the Winter/Spring 1990 edition.

LOT #4: 'Christmas Year-Round Needlework & Craft Ideas' Sept./Oct.1993, July/Aug.1993, Mar./Apr.1993, Nov./Dec.1993, 'Quilters Newsletter Magazine' Sept.1982, 'Women's Circle Country Needle Craft' Oct.1988, plus 'Country Woman' Collector's Edition from 1991.