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May 22nd, 2008, 01:53 AM

{Kappa-Epsilon-Phi-Alpha-Lambda-Eta Pi}


The price of existence is eternal warfare.(39)
Speaking as an Irishman, I prefer to say: The price
of eternal warfare is existence.
And melancholy as existence is, the price is well
worth paying.
Is there is a Government? then I'm agin it! To Hell
with the bloody English!
"O FRATER PERDURABO, how unworthy are
these sentiments!"
"D'ye want a clip on the jaw?"(40)


Frater P. continues the subject of Chapter 79.
He pictures himself as a vigorous, reckless, almost
rowdy Irishman. he is no thin-lipped prude, to seek
salvation in unmanly self-abnegation; no Creeping
Jesus, to slink through existence to the tune of the Dead
March in Saul; no Cremerian Callus to warehouse his
semen in his cerebellum.
"New Thoughtist" is only Old Eunuch writ small.
Paragraph 2 gives the very struggle for life, which
disheartens modern thinkers, as a good enough reason for
Paragraph 5 expresses the sorrow of the modern
thinker, and paragraph 6 Frater P.'s suggestion for
replying to such critics.

(39) ISVD, the foundation scil. of the universe = 80
= P, the letter of Mars.
(40) P also means "a mouth".