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May 22nd, 2008, 01:54 AM

{Kappa-Epsilon-Phi-Alpha-Lambda-Eta Omicron-Eta}


The Great Wheel of Samsara.
The Wheel of the Law [Dhamma].
The Wheel of the Taro.
The Wheel of the Heavens.
The Wheel of Life.
All these Wheels be one; yet of all these the Wheel of
the TARO alone avails thee consciously.
Meditate long and broad and deep, O man, upon this
Wheel, revolving it in thy mind
Be this thy task, to see how each card springs
necessarily from each other card, even in due order
from The Fool unto The Ten of Coins.
Then, when thou know'st the Wheel of Destiny
complete, mayst thou perceive THAT Will which
moved it first. [There is no first or last.}
And lo! thou art past through the Abyss.

COMMENTARY ({Omicron-Eta})

The number of this chapter is that of the cards of the
The title of this chapter is a pun of the phrase "weal
and woe". It means motion and rest. The moral is the
conventional mystic one; stop thought at its source!
Five wheels are mentioned in this chapter; all but
the third refer to the universe as it is; but the wheel of
the Tarot is not only this, but represents equally the
Magickal Path.
This practice is therefore given by Frater P. to
his pupils; to treat the sequence of the cards as cause
and effect. Thence, to discover the cause behind all
causes. Success in this practice qualifies for the grade
of Master of the Temple.
In the penultimate paragraph the bracketed passage
reminds the student that the universe is not to be
contemplated as a phenomenon in time.