View Full Version : Dysnomia - daughter of Eris - Goddess of Lawlessness

June 11th, 2008, 10:50 PM
She appeared to a very close friend of mine.

Whispered in his ear to the point where he couldn't keep it from his friends. So he didn't. As soon as he talked about her to us, she crept into our dreams too.

The Dysnomic spirit poured forth dreams of positive lawlessness (like the eating of mince pies) which still attracts the soul to pirates & smugglers & herb lore. Artificial monotheistic laws contrary to the human condition were held up to scrutiny & held false & to be resisted.

The sacramental canna was held as the herb to heal the stricken land. Close friends suffered medical conditions which could be directly alleviated by druidical herb lore. It was decided that the gifts that Dysnomia could give (ie. the ability to make gods of sheeple, to create & cast spells & to master time) should be used to free the sacrament from oppression.

I was wondering if when any here should cast their ear towards the song of Dysnomia that they do not hear a similar melody.

happy first thread from your humble bottle washer


btw : her teachings to don can be viewed at: