View Full Version : So, I'm Concerned...

June 12th, 2008, 04:17 PM
I was lying in bed last night and thought to myself, "Well, hey, I haven't tried to Astral travel in a while -" (actually, since I was about 16, which is 2 years), and for the past couple of weeks I've been working with my chakras, clearing them, activating my third eye (I love that "massage-face tingly feeling it produces - almost like my own personal masuse ^_^)

So I decided to start small. Look around the room. Go outside on the patio, look at the chairs. As I kept walking, I asked the Goddess where it is I need to go; if I needed to see something.

What I got wasn't necessarily what I expected.

I showed up in front of a house. I had a very foreboding feeling about what was inside. I wondered if, perhaps, the people were abused in it, etc.etc. I know exactly what the house looked like. It was medium sized, with very unique looking stairs leading up to the porch.

I walked up, went inside, went to the left into a living room. It had a fireplace, and had pictures on top of it. I looked for family pictures and the faces were blurred at first and, this shocked me, came into focus as an older looking me - and older looking fiance, but with a little girl about 6 years old underneath me - short brown hair, looked kind of like me. But to her right, there was what seemed to be someone, I sensed a boy, but his face stayed blurred out. I kept walking around, realizing that this (my) family was grieving, and started hearing voices; it was a voice, very foreboding, telling me to watch the second rain when I am a full moon; that I will have my son if I remember the warning.

Of course, I'm not pregnent. I haven't planned to be, and won't until a few years. But, this honestly put me on edge. It seems my first pregnancy will have no complications, but that something might happen (that can be prevented) during my second.

Maybe I'm paranoid. I don't know. It wasn't my intention to see this; maybe it's my mind being overactive, but I didn't expect this. Does anyone have any kind of analysis or insight into what this might mean or how I'm to react?