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June 19th, 2008, 12:02 AM
While searching for info on Twin Flame....I ran across this...might be interesting to some....this is a quote from a web site....

"""when you consider that your personal God Flame has two components. Your flame has a masculine or Alpha polarity and a feminine or Omega polarity.


The Alpha polarity is the core of your Being. It is the God quality out of which your I AM Presence . Thus, the very core of your Being embodies the central qualities of this God Flame. For example, your Alpha component might be Love.
* Your Omega polarity is the specific quality that you are meant to bring to Earth. It is your gift to this world, the contribution that your higher being wanted to make to the overall purpose of expanding the spiritual light in the material world, thus gradually turning this world into another part of the spiritual realm. When this happens, it will no longer be possible for people to fall prey to the illusion that they are separated from their higher beings—which is the illusion that gives rise to all human suffering. Thus, we might say that we all came here to help end suffering.

For example, say your Alpha flame is Love and your Omega flame is Truth. In that case, you are here to bring truth—for example by giving people spiritual understanding or a better vision for how to improve their material lives. However, in order to be successful, you need to bring truth within the overall quality of your Alpha flame of love. You must bring truth in a loving way or your truth will not be well received by others. The point here is that only by having balance between the two polarities of your God Flame will you be ultimately successful.

As another example, consider that your Alpha flame is Power and your Omega flame is truth. In that case, you can and should be more direct and powerful in your expression of truth. Yet you must not fall into the lower aspect of power by seeking to control others in order to force them to accept your truth. The essential point is that your particular God Flame is unique to you, and thus you have to be true to who you are in order to fulfill your reason for being here.

The concept of a God Flame is probably new to you and it can seem somewhat confusing in the beginning. Yet as you walk the spiritual path and reestablish your conscious connection to your higher being , you will gain greater clarity concerning the qualities of your God Flame."""


June 19th, 2008, 02:51 PM
Actually, this is very close to Buddhist philosophy. That there is suffering; we suffer because we desire (by having a 'natural id', or, the illusion of ourselves being true rather than our "Higher selves" or that part of us which is able to be enlightened and experience 'Nirvana'), that suffering can be extinguished, and that there's a path to go about this.

I believe strongly in Buddhist philosophy, but I feel a responsibility on this earth to learn certain things first, to teach, and to give back before my higher self merges permanently with the divine (of whom I personify my gods after). Theory is, after Nirvana is reached, you cease to exist. Many people call it annhilatory - I believe there's a deeper meaning to the theory.

That one doesn't "cease to exist" in the physical sense, or even in the higher self sense, but in the Identity sense (I am this because... I have to do this because... I am, I am, I have to, I will, I can.... etc.) This ID is the part of us that wants and desires more, that causes suffering because we are never out of the cycle of 'want'.

As for a Alpha and Omega flame, it makes sense when applied to Buddhist philosophy. It is the components that make up the higher self that continues to teach on after enlightenment is attained, and that which is merged with the "ALL AND NOTHING" after death, thus shattering the cycle of reincarnation.

Anyway... just my two cents.