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June 26th, 2008, 05:32 AM
On saying Grace

Dialogues on Checkerism

Wise man, please explain why we say Grace before eating?

To express our appreciation for nature and all the people involved in making that meal.

But don't we have to kill in order to eat? We aren't thankful for the ability to kill, are we? Doesn't that contradict an appreciation for nature?

How is it you think we aren't thankful for the ability to kill?

Yet you taught us to respect nature... to respect life before anything else. How is it that you can sit here and say you are thankful for killing?

Aren't our bodies fuelled by organic matter? Doesn't that organic matter come from animals and plants? Do they not need to die in order to serve as food?

Of course. That's caused by our place in the food chain. How can that be something to be thankful for?

In your next incarnation, you might be that plant. You might be living your life, experiencing what it means to be a plant, and at some point you are sacrificed for some other being to live. Your life cut short, you won't achieve your goal, and you'll have to incarnate yet again to achieve it. I think you'd like it if the person ending your existence would show a bit of appreciation.

That makes sense.

However... having their life ended may be exactly the goal they seek. And because that in turn keeps us alive, we are thankful.