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June 26th, 2008, 06:16 AM
On ethics, behaviour and elements

Dialogues on Checkerism

"Wise man, you seem to react to all situations in a nice and kind manner. Do you wish us to follow that example?"

"If the situation thus allows."

" What good does it do to be nice? What's in it for me?"

"Remember we discussed our purpose in life? Well, how much can we learn if we are brutal and aggressive all the time? How much can we experience if we make others afraid of us, and force them to stay away? How can we achieve our goals if we ourselves react one-sidedly and out of balance?"

"But I see people being very brutal and aggressive all the time... they seem to achieve their goals much faster."

"Oh sure. For short term goals, brutality can be a powerful tool. In the long run however, one needs to be able to conduct oneself in more ways than brutality alone."

"In what ways can we conduct ourselves then, wise man?"

"We can be as steadfast as the earth upon which we stand, as defensive as the waves of the sea, as agressive as the flames of fire, or as evasive as the wind. These categories we call the elements. Every other behaviour fits somewhere into or in-between these elements."

"How do I know when to conduct myself in any of those ways?"

"For that we have excercises. We will begin with the element of earth, and add the others in time, when you are ready."

"Then won't I be horribly one-sided during that first period?"

Yes, you will be horribly pig-headed. Do not worry, that can be a good trait too. By the time you have mastered all elements, we will work on creating balance between them, so you can switch when needed.

"And then what?"

Then you start over.

"Start over? But I will already know everything, why would I need to do everything a second time?"

"When you first learnt how to write, were you able to create poetry?"

"No, wise man, I wasn't. I understand."

"Good. Then your next assignment is, to find out as much as you can about the element called Earth."