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June 26th, 2008, 06:55 AM
On creation, science versus faith

Dialogues on Checkerism

"Wise man, why do you teach creation when science clearly shows we are the result of evolution? Why do you teach that God created the universe when quantum theory talks about veils touching, initiating the Big Bang?"

"How is it that you hold the perception that creation and evolution are contradictory? Or creation and the Big Bang?"

"But you must agree that the universe cannot be created by both God and started with the Big Bang?"

"Did science also prove that God did not create the Big Bang?"

Of course not. That would imply that science could prove or disprove the existence of God in the first place.

Then why do you think we call our path 'faith'?

"You believe in creation despite scientific proof?"

"No. We believe in creation because of the absence of scientific proof. Nothing in the current scientific body of knowledge disproves or contradicts our beliefs. On the contrary, most quantum theory strengthens our faith. Thus, we see no reason to stray from our path."


"I will set out a task for you. Assemble as much scientific knowledge as possible about the start of existence. Compare it to our notion of creation. If you find an error in our ways, return to this place to enlighten us. Take as long as you need. We will be here when you return."